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Mice on Westwater

Last weekend Alvin told the group I was with to camp as if we were in bear country. While we didn't see any big shaggy critters, the campsite (U Little D) was swarmed with mice that night. Meeses all over the place would scatter when the light swept their way.

I have a feeling it's like that at a lot of the other campsites. Keep your food and trash on the boats in boxes or coolers or the mice will get to it. They were even crawling on the boats.

The number of mice was much more than would be expected in a natural grove or tammies and willows so this is an obvious sign folks haven't been diligent with their food scraps. About a dozen would scatter from the kitchen areas when someone shone a light there late at night. Please work to keep microtrash to a minimum, please use an old tarp for a kitchen floor if you can.

And if someone's perfected a better mousetrap, all the better...



Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Good reminder...curious, as it has been a relatively neutral (neither El Nino or La Nina) weather pattern the last 12 months.
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
Zen verse
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Better mouse trap? They are called snakes.
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They ruined the tequila donuts!!! BASTARDS
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Upper Little D has a couple of rather fat, brave, even militant squirrels in the trees/brush there too. Leave the lid off your ammo can and they will rifle (ha, ha) through it and see what is in there to get to.

My son learned this the hard way and ended up with a bunch of work. He brought a bag of sunflower seeds on one of our trips and had them in the ammo can. I warned him about seeds, if the shells get on the ground, he gets to pick them up. He left the ammo can open for not even 5 minutes unattended and the squirrel had the bag out, chewed open and about 1/2 of the seeds shelled and spread all over. Took my son 30 minutes to clean it all up...

Only consolation is that we figured the squirrel would be looking for a some cool water, the seeds were the hot and spicey ones.

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Militant vermin on Westwater.....killer yellow jackets on the Main Salmon.....what is this world coming to?????
Seriously though. Fires in Idaho and poor camp cleanliness everywhere seem to be culprits.
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This past weekend, Little Hole had a couple of mice, squirrels, but a TON of ants...
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One word..... Dogs
When there is a dog around camp:
Dogs eat the fallen food scraps.
Dogs chase out the vermin so the vermin never get accustomed to human food.

Skunks on Ladore/Yampa
Ringtails, Ravens, Mice on the GC
Mice on WW
Bears on Deso
Only thing that is a nuisance on the (Dog friendly) MFS and Main are the yellow jackets. (Not sure dogs can chase them off. At least my dogs.)
Just a theory I've come up with as I see how camps on so may rivers are deteriorating from too much "love".....
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I bet you could fill the bucket by morning.
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Plunk your magic twanger!
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Two less mice at Upper Little D after they decided to swim in my wash bucket this weekend.
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