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Yeah ,besides much better boating related content,we used to have a lively debate in the eddy we have people offended by anyone talking politics on here or on trips..would not want to confront any Trump apologists with fact based reality...nothing but coolers,frames,permits the dirty gov would not issue for the handful of runs rafters do,no stud kayakers insulting doorknobs like me,we actually had people discussing @$$%&ing umbrellas( had to ,sponser and all,)no Mr.F'ing C to chime in with abject misinformation about Venezuela( please please bring it on neo Nazi repubs please!!!!!)...still can't look away,hoping for something worthwhile....I commend Mikesee for posting excellent content....

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If you do not like what is posted on Mountain Buzz, do not visit
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Facebook is currently the most popular media platform. With that said, I and other prefer FB for "more current" beta, crews, and creek conditions, as well as pics of girlfriends taking a swim. Just sayin...the ads section is non-existent. I've sold all my gear on FB, and there is a reason why. Adapt or die.
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Salida, Colorado
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Adapt or Die? Little Harsh there.. But I do get your point. The whole theory behind that statement is what Zuckerberg would love you to latch on to, it's what made him rich selling the data you willingly provide him.

I'm glad it (FB) seems to work for you, most of the boaters I know that DO use FB are super careful as to what sort of information they post. I went and created a fake account to see what all the hoopla was, and was very surprised at what I found.

Out of the 10 or so boating pages I visited the sole page that had any worth (for me) was the whitewater dory forum. The rest seemed to be filled with the very same trolls that used to frequent the boating yahoo groups before they died. I think that was one contributing factor to their death, before too long folks tired of the same people repeatedly attacking others with the same vitriol. Shame, as they used to provide a useful forum, that was searchable and archived.

I guess the old adage, change is inevitable, except from vending machines is appropriate, but I'm going to hang on to the old, and still valuable resource that is Mountain Buzz. .

My 2, your mileage may vary..
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I used to post a lot. The discussions were lively. i decided long ago to stay out of the arguments and to only post helpful information or a joke. never joined Facebook so I continue to look at MountainBuzz regularly but haven’t had much to add that is already searchable. And a lot more people seem to be asking about fishing than whitewater so I’m no help. I do miss wasting a lot of time on this site though.
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Facebook is the devil!
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Thank-you for saying what we've all been thinking


Thanks for finally calling out what we've all been thinking. You've got my vote for best thread of 2019.

MB has not changed in years, the classifieds suck and the latest "feature" is that i now get a worthless email about the posts that are "trending."

The owners need to put some love into the site or release it back into the wild. I've met tons of cool people through MB, researched beta for trips and loved hearing about trips i want to do and watching the videos.

It would suck if our only option is to bow down to Zuckerberg and his evil empire selling our data.

Question is what are the options?

Do the new owners even use MB? Can't wait until they weigh in on this post.
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Darn, I don't want MB to die, I have gotten too many good laughs,too much good info and too many eye rolls from it. I've had my fingers crossed that it was just winter, and once the snow melts and starts filling the rivers, the buzz would come back to life.

Here's to still waiting.

And I'm always in for a good groover thread, those make me laugh the hardest, and actually have taught me a lot too.
"If I'm not there, it means I'm dead...or late!" General W.R. Monger
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Perhaps, I'll just have to sign up for a Groover Seminar.
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"If I'm not there, it means I'm dead...or late!" General W.R. Monger
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Originally Posted by theusualsuspect View Post
I lurked on MB for a long time, I post from time to time, I found and continue to find use for it.

I was a young kid without two nickels to rub together so I really did read and find use on the "how to rig your trailer" threads. Myself and a friend self taught how to get into a raft and row it down a river. I used the archives to decide if I could run the stretch, and youtube to scout the rapids. I've gotten a ton of enjoyment of being on the river and all of my knowledge is from this website or personal experience. I don't like facebook, and I've never been akin to large group settings.

Now I have a few nickels to rub together, and a family to boot. I'm getting them into boating and teaching them the things I learned from here (how to rig a trailer, how to strap a frame to a boat, the difference between a eddy line and a bowline).

I'm thankful for all the knowledge in the archives here, a place to post dumb questions, and to post drunken stuff to incite a riot. To the experienced people, I understand your frustration but also thank you for your time over the years, there are many people like me out there you have helped beyond what you can comprehend. (As a side note I still miss stupid guide tricks).

I'm in for a members fund if that becomes a reality. I'd like local and small vendors to have a place to showcase their products as I have found some amazing stuff through their advertising here.

If it is time for it to die I will shed a tear. I believe the knowledge here exposed me to something that gives me tremendous joy and something I will share with my children and those close to me until I myself die someday. We shall see what happens.

Cant agree more! I learned how to kayak in 1998 at Colorado State University (Go Rams!) and after becoming a husband and father, my wife explained, in not so subtle terms, that while wwkayaking was a wonderful and challenging sport, it wasnt really a "family friendly" experience and that we WERE going to buy a raft. I was a bit resistant to the idea of becoming a "rafter", but my love of the rivers and commitment to my wife and boys helped me make a good decision to embrace something new. I would have never imagined how much rafting would change me. Now, nearly 5 years into the conversion (well... not entirely... I still kayak as much as possible and run a non-profit veteran's program for kayaking), I am absolutely consumed by raft trip planning.

I used MB way back in the day as an early boater, bought gear, linked up with other boaters, etc... after nearly a decade working overseas, I've circled back around to tap MB for boater help again.

Though the site is old... clunky, and downright frustrating as hell sometimes, I still use the hell out of it. Last year I linked up with new friends via the site for a first time MFS trip, learned a ton about boat trailers, rigging, tables, kitchen, shit... almost every aspect of rafting.

Hope that whatever happens with the site, that the archive content is still available.
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