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Thanks "PoppyOscar"

Originally Posted by PoppyOscar View Post
FYI Putting a roll of TP in the freezer the night before usually deals with the after after effects of a good bowl of hatch green chili.

See! MB still has value!
Thanks "PoppyOscar" it's always nice knowing someone from MB, is covering my "six",, hate to have it just hanging out there when things really start heating up. Happy boating.

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Originally Posted by cayo 2 View Post
Not much time to argue ,at the moment.Let's just apply your 4th grade reasoning ability to other countries:how are things going in capitalist Honduras,Guatemala,Haiti,and El Salvador.And those govs were propped up by,not undermined by ,the US ( in blatant collusion with the opposition and Columbia).Another idiotic bullet point being bandied about,mostly by righties but the Dems aren't much better on this issue,is the rhetoric about Venezuela having been a wealthy oil state before Chavez.Yeah ,they should have been,but the right wing oligarchy that ran the country for most of it's history did little for the common person ,invested little of the proceeds domestically,and racked up massive debt.Then they succumbed to neo-liberal dictates to privatize,deregulate,and give tax cuts to the wealthy and foreign investors ,while cutting holes in the meager safety net and putting austerity measures on the poor.That is what brought Chavez to power in the first place.

Contrary to right wing nonsense ,the majority of the economy is not even under Maduro's control.2/3 of it is still in private hands,including food production and distribution until the opposition started using food shortages they created against Maduro ,in the run up to the elections a couple of years ago.The proof was that the stores were miraculously full soon after and the expiration dates on the products indicated they'd been shelved.Maduro then came up with his own failed food program.His handling of inflation made things worse.His approval rating was down to 17%.It is time for him to go.But we have no right to install Guiado as our puppet.His party only holds something like 14 seats in the Assembly.The right's economic plan was rejected by 61% of the people not long ago and overwhelmingly in multiple elections under Chavez.

Unfortunately,there are not many good guys to support there now.But our excessive meddling,lying,undermining,and outright interventionist imperialism,absolutely does not deserve to be rewarded in any way.I hope the international community intervenes and has early elections with neither Maduro or Guaido on the ballot. Maduro can go into exile somewhere.

No one ever claimed anything Utopian or pure Marxist style socialism,they attempted to emulate Norwegian style use of oil revenues.But as Greg Palast once put it, " it just drives Washington crazy when brown people demand Scandanavian priveleges" and our knee-jerk reaction being something like Pavlov's dogs salivating every time they try to.
And this reply is exactly why forums suck ass these days. Pricks like this have such thin skin that whenever anything remotely contrary to their personal doctrine is even mentioned ANYWHERE IN ANY FORUM OR CONVERSATION, they have to pontificate with the usual talking points and attack back with so many insults that it boggles the mind. Whether they are left or right, they all suck because they are thin skinned bitches that can't stick to a conversation without working in their political bullshit whenever they feel remotely offended, challenged, or called out for having such tiny penises (or titties if they're ladies). They just can't leave it be.

This site used to be fun and relevant for BOATING and this other BS was kept where it belonged: in the groover. Yeah, I seldom post because I don't need to "express my opinion." Fuck you guys. Get outside and boat. The Ark was over 3,000 this weekend and yet the play hole in Salida was deserted at 2 pm on the Saturday of a LOONNGGG holiday weekend. On the drive from Salida to Denver this morning I counted 2, yes TWO vehicles that had whitewater kayaks on top. MB isn't the only thing dead: whitewater kayaking, private rafting, and common fucken sense n decency are DOA in 'murcia.

PS, I miss the adventures of Chunderboy!
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