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Gunnison, Colorado
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Great rivers with great pay?

We all know working in the whitewater industry wont neccessarily make you wealthy, but I'm wanting to open the tap here to see what lucrative opportunities are out there.
As far as guiding, what are the best/highest quality rivers and companies to work for in the American West? I'm talking five star experience all the way around.....

Lets hear it!

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Jenks, Oklahoma
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5 star guide deals

Lots of experienced guides on this message board for better information.

If your definition of 5 star pay, food, lodging is included in job requirements - gonna be hard to find.

On the other hand, if you want to spend time on a river, definitely river guide work is 5 star.
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If you are looking for "lucrative opportunities" and "great pay" in the river guiding world, you are destined to be disappointed. A post substituting the words "fast food" anywhere you use the word "whitewater" and "rivers" makes about as much sense as far as questions to ask on the internet go.

There are obviously other benefits to working on a river, but you seem to be focused on pay and lucre, whereas the "other benefits" is pretty much where its at.
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Gunnison, Colorado
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Thanks, but still waiting on a legitimate positive answer to my question...

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They've answered it amigo. Your looking for a money river and they are trying to get through to you that there is no such thing and they are correct. Guides don't get into this buisness for the money. But that is okay, if you don't think their answers are "legit" you just keep waiting for someone to tell you what river it is in a positive light. Hold your breath while your at it.
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West By God, Wyoming
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Maybe post how much you are looking to make a day? Then we can help you choose between the ones where you can realistically expect to make what you want to make.
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Steamboat, Colorado
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I've heard that the Rainbows and Puppies Adventures and Tours offers great pay, plus full benefits (including dental, 6 weeks paid vacation, and posh living quarters-- they've even got a personal chef on duty 24-7, at your beck and call) on the Faux River. Give them a call or send in a resume!
[email protected]

How's that for a positive reply?
Sorry, I couldn't resist. I think we're all looking to make billions whilst pursuing our passion.
Seriously though.... are OWNERS of rafting companies even that well off? Ponder that one for a tec.....
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One of the guides I ran Cat with last spring was headed to Alaska for the season and said he was going to be getting $150-$200 per day on multi day trips. That's probably about the top of the food chain. Multi day trips on the GC or Salmon are gonna be probably a distant second.

With that said you don't just get any of those jobs without an impressive river log and/or knowing/blowing the right people.

To make good money you are going to need to do at least 3 of the following
1)work nearly every day in season
2)work a river where you can run multiple trips per day
3) work for a company that brings in wealthy clients
4) work for a company that either includes a tip in the bill or tells customers how much to tip
5)be the best of the best. There are some damn good guides out there that don't make shit...
6) work expedition trips for rich/famous people
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I will blow the the wrong people for little pay. Or is it the other way around? Realistically though, I plan to start guiding this season on the Ark. I don't expect or need to make a lot of doe, as long as I can afford 3 hots and a cot, I will gladly float some folks down the river and show them the joy that is rafting. I imagine even the customers that are a PITA won't bother me too much. I do hope you find a high paying guide job, but even if you can't, don't let that keep you from a job that you will most likely cherish for the rest of your life.
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just sell weed to other guides..
BOOM!! problem solved

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.
- Spicoli
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