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Got ideas for a boater's app?

I'm about to set off on a 30 day Grand Canyon rafting trip! I work for a software dev company and part of the deal for the time off was to create an app while I was away. I have a few ideas on a conservation minded project like taking water samples and mapping them to where the run off is originating.
On the other hand I'd like to do something to help out my fellow boaters like read outs on which coolers are gaining heat the fastest.
I'd like any input or ideas for a simple application, a data point that you've wished you had on past trips, or something that might help conserve the waterways that make life worth living. Thanks for the help!

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your company is making you work on your time off?

Personally... I can't think of an "app" I would need or want when it comes to rafting.
I guess if you're doing this because you have a butt head for a boss who won't give you your time off unless you do some little project for him during your time off.. you could just make up something crazy like your idea to compare coolers and see if the pelican gets warm faster than the yeti. or whatever.
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As much as the perfect ap for the grand is no ap at all, I'd suggest a "where's the bacon ap." You'd log which coolers have which ingredients, where various group gear is in the boats and then have a handy guide with which to find the second pack of bacon on day 7.
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How about an app that monitors stream flow data and sends out a text when conditions are prime? Think you will find most boaters don't want to use an app on the river but off the river sure
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How about an app that updates your river log. Dates and times and flows of what runs, how long, how many times etc.
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River log, Stream flow data, local search, rescue and emergency services information, local river supply stores.

In my experience, its very hit or miss on whether you'll have cell signal at all anywhere near most rivers, not mention a workable data plan so anything you make should be able to work without a cell signal IMHO.

Honestly not sure if any kind of river app is gonna be a huge money making hit, but its worth a try.

I agree that trying to code an app at the bottom of GC is kind of an uncool move on your employers part and I'm the guy that brings a bunch of gadgets. I was thinking about bringing a simple bluetooth keyboard to do a daily diary on my tablet since I'm horrible at both hand writing and touchscreen typing long format stuff. Might just do a video diary, though I'm not a big talker either.
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I'll 3rd the river log idea. I know it could be done on paper or, blog, or vlog. But I think would be sweet to keep track of what sections of water I've been on, what the flow was, dates, maybe the temps(water/air), ability to add photos, ability to share. Then 5 years from now when I can't remember what any of it looked like I can bring it back to the frontal brain. Or maybe even share the info on here when a nube comes asking for specs.

Riverbrain kinda does that, but not exactly.
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Just don't give me a free app that does this tiny portion of the features, and then try to charge for the premium with all the features. No matter how cool it is, I will most likely not buy.
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How about an app that will do my shuttle, empty my groover and doesn't drink my beer!?

On a more productive note I think this would be cool... An app that had a food 'shopping list' that could be sorted by each meal and would have an option to record where it was placed in what cooler/dry box. You could then produce an itemized list for each meal sorted by each cooler/dry box. Ultimately you would know by meal what you are looking for in each cooler/dry box, and would allow the shopping process to occur quickly and keep the cold in the coolers!

This although could lead to organizational dysfunction!? I'm also not big fan of 'technology' on the river but if allows for more time to enjoy other activities (and promotes cooler management!) then maybe it's a good thing!
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I think an app the gave sun and shade times is different camps could be usefull. Take a look at the boatman's almanac in the file section of the Grand Canyon Private Boaters group on the yahoo groups platform.

I also realy like the idea of a meal planning/ shop/ ingreedant app. It would be most helpfull if it would export to a speadsheet so you could print it and/or work with it on your computer as well.
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