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Steamboat, Colorado
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Dogs on the river

So I'm sure this doesn't really apply to any of you (or at least I hope not), but after our trip down Pumphouse this weekend I'm completely ffing disgusted with the folks that bring their dogs down the river. If you insist on bringing your fury friend, please bring some shit bags with you and clean up after them. They don't even have to be the fancy poop bags that you buy from some hauty-tauty pet store that connect to your dog's collar that he doesn't wear anyway, you can use recycled Shitty Market bags too...
If you can't possibly bring yourself to do something as simple as this, please leave your dog at home... or better yet, leave yourself at home as well, because if you can't find it in your heart to take care of the river, then you don't deserve to be on the river. That is all... thank you... continue on.

Oh wait, one more thing... if you DO happen to be one of the people that bags your dog's shit, please remember that the job doesn't stop there. You must then pack it out. Yes, that's right folks, contrary to what Mommy and Daddy taught you growing up, there is no Poop Fairy. Just because you bagged your dog's shit and left it in in the same spot doesn't mean you're being a responsible dog owner... rather, it means that you are indeed a shit bag yourself.

It's a good day to be a duck....
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The only thing I disagree with is singling out the river. Dog owners should be cleaning up after their pooch anywhere they take them.

Bagging the shit and then leaving it has always puzzled me too. I see it a lot on the side of trails, and I used to assume they had bagged it, left it, and would pick it up on the return trip. That doesn't seem to be the case, though, since the bags of shit never seem to get picked up.
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Even more disgusting is all of the human shit at every camp out there. You can't walk 15' behind the Bench sites w/o stepping on a pile...most aren't even buried, one I almost stepped on had a perfect cross of twisted grass to hold the paper down. Like that will work.....
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Tabernash, Colorado
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Ya, for the love of dear god dog owners, please pick up your shit. Whether you realize it or not, you are being a lousy citizen when you don't, not to mention increasing the likely hood government land agency's will start to ban dog's where you want to boat.

It's just plain disgusting when you don't clean it up, dog shit is not a "natural" part of the eco system, all the other natural poop does not stink like that. Please don't be such a shit head.
We can't always agree, but we can still be civil to each other.
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My dog poops in a bucket! He eats poop too. Cat poop, deer poop even other dog poop. I think most dogs eat poop so if you see a dog dropping one, he most likely already picked one up if ya know what I mean?? But in all my travels, I have come across more people poop and girly toilet paper from pee than all the uneaten dog poop in Idaho's wild lands.

Like Leo I have a problem with people poop too!

Just saying......
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Steamboat, Colorado
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Agreed. We stopped at one of the campsites on the Green for lunch and were poking around to see if it would be a good site for next time. The groover area was completely overrun with toilet paper and dried human turds... we actually put rubber gloves on and picked it all up.
As far as dogs eating poop, my dog only eats poop if he thinks someone is going to get in trouble once a human discovers said poop. So yeah... he's a guilt-eater.

What ever happened to Jack Black's Va-poo-rizer?
It's a good day to be a duck....
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the grove, Oregon
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I stepped in several cow pies on the Owyhee River, damn cow owners!
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Buena Vista, Colorado
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How about all the deer shit!

Woke up this morning at 10:13.
A hole so big, it sucked the leaves off the tree.
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Boise, Idaho
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Beside dog crap... why don't people pick up their own sh-t, their cigarette butts, their cans and bottles, their sunflower seeds... why do they play music on the river, spit, cuss, and otherwise annoy all of the rest of us?

People. Gah.
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Horserump, Colorado
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If you get up to Montana there's coprolite everywhere I wish Fred and Wilma picked up after Dino!!!
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