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It doesn't hurt to apply to multiple companies, and then choose who you would like to work for after comparing the offers.

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Dipshit with the most.
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Originally Posted by RogueGuide View Post
Frankly, I want no part in making rapid emergency medical decisions for someone... its just not how I'm wired.
No one wants to. Wired or not. Years ago I did an 80 hour OEC course. Never used it an emergency in the backcountry anywhere, but unfortunately I have been first on scene, or first willing to try help on scene, at several serious car accidents. And that is never fun.

At least I had a few basic skills with which to start trying to help.

I did have to use CPR while skiing inbounds. Oddly enough CPR is not required to get licensed in Idaho, but I had still taken it years ago. The CPR did not work. After the fact I discovered that the focus of current CPR had shifted almost entirely to chest compressions instead of the 25 compressions and two breaths I had learned. Also learned after the fact that even with a weak pulse chest compressions are recommended with a cyanotic person or maybe in weak pulse unconscious person cyanotic or not.

That was incredibly painful to learn after the fact. I had been relatively calm and methodical in all the other emergency situations I had been in. But this was someone I knew and cared about and I kind of lost it.
You don't get do overs. I wish I had taken more current training - especially in the CPR. All the professional responders said it rarely actually works, but I still wish I had better tools.
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Salida, Colorado
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According to the American Heart Assn, Using 2014 data, nearly 45 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims survived when bystander CPR was administered.
I run on an ambulance service, we think it so important as to carry a Lucas Autopulse unit, , I think the record for being on the machine is 8 hours and the PT recovered. It however is a violent machine in use, busted ribs are most certainly expected, but it can go on forever in it's compressions.

One reason folks don't think CPR works is they give up due to exhaustion before the PT arrives at the next level of care, hopefully a hospital. Before this machine, in a transport situation we used to have to stop every 5 minutes and do a Chinese fire drill, change the attendant in the back with the driver in order to keep continuous CPR going.

Having at least advanced first aid and CPR isn't a bad thing at all, if you're not the one actually treating the PT, you can at least help. Or not... Been boating since 1983, and fortunately I've never personally seen any serious medical conditions on the river, but I've heard stories from others. If memory serves, the most critical thing that's happened was a detached retina on last years Grand trip, we called the NPS and they choppered the gent out. Thankfully it was a false alarm and he was Ok, Most things are taken care of easily...
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