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Fraser, Colorado
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I figured you were asking an actual question, b.pi, and had a pretty good feeling that you have been trying to get the next generation out there to appreciate the river for what it is. I was trying to make a bit of a point to people about the need to work at changing things, I hope I didn’t come off the wrong way to you.
I appreciate the work that YOU have been doing, friend!

Sounds like we have a very long, and complex issue to work at, that may not be solved entirely, in our own life times.

The river probably thought, ď he is such an insignificant, pitiful, little creature, with such a short time to live, I will let him go this time, and try to teach him somethingĒ - Buzz Holmstrum
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Steamboat springs, Colorado
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Thanks for all the informative posts. I’ve been running southwest rivers since 83 but somehow missed running the Delores. I’d love to see it at least once. Sounds like it’s tricky to time it just right, even if it does run, which sounds unlikely this year.
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summit, Colorado
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Save the Colorado posted a link to this article on FB last night....maybe there's hope for a boating season on the Dolores this year?
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Conejos Canyon & Houston, CO & TX
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and a similar message on the dolores conservancy district site:

Releases :: Dolores Water Conservancy District
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-, Colorado
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So, if it happens is it a daily? An overnight? What the plan for a newcomer?

Thanks in advance
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Dolores, Colorado
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There's a large tree across the normal right channel on the upper in town. Not a crazy move required to avoid but something to look out for and avoid.


Upper is forecast to be nearly 4k on Wednesday morning, with up to two inches of rain on top of the snowpack Monday and Tuesday. Could push flood stage in town which isn't a good thing. Lost canyon is posting record flows. My math says May 24 it'll be full unless they start making room soon.

heytat you can do a daily or a twelve day to the Colorado. Lots of inbetweens. Snaggletooth is a solid IV and stateline more than that. Otherwise read and run except maybe diversion dam....lots to pick from.
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ridgway, 970-316-1509
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2000 cfs going into Mcphee as of 4/ 27 2019. That is a bit less than 4000 acre ft per day.
mcphee is well over 200,000 acre feet low.
That flow will of course ebb and flow... but times 30 days 120,000 acre feet is waaay short of a fill up.
Even if the mighty D went to 4000 CFS for 30 days, which is about as likely as an Ibex fart hitting you in face in Frasier, Co. it would still fall short of full pool or spill level.
While the Dwcd tries to do good for all concerned, their hand is NOT on the lever.
Aquifers are not just low, but dry in the SW. A lot of runoff will never see the river.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. The speed of ignorance, like the speed of dark, lies beyond our comprehension, apparently.
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Dolores, Colorado
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McPhee needs 139k af to fill. The median crbfc forecast is 419k af. Itís accumulated 80k af to date. Snowpack has lost five inches swe since the melt started leaving it still at 2017 peak values. 2000 CFS is half the forecasted peak, and probably much lower than the actual one given a ripe snowpack and a rain on snow event en route. You also havenít accounted for the mid elevation melt, and lost canyon doing about 1500 af a day on its own, as well as the 4 non gauged inflows.

If every day were like todays 6 day forecast, it would be 29 days until a spill, or on 5/26/2019
McPhee needs to fill 37.13 feet until spilling
At CRBFC's Median Forecast, there is an estimated 199,487 Acre Feet of water to spill
At CRBFC's Median Forecast, there are 101 Days of spill at 1,000 CFS
At CRBFC's Median Forecast, there are 50 Days of spill at 2,000 CFS
At CRBFC's Median Forecast, there are 34 Days of spill at 3,000 CFS
At CRBFC's Median Forecast, there are 25 Days of spill at 4,000 CFS
The most likely spill duration is 52 Days

But yeah, my ignorance is beyond comprehension as well so you should go with your gut and not come down for the non existent spill....itíll suck for sure.
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Telluride, Colorado
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I like those numbers. Just wondering are you including the flow going to the farmers? I assume that is going to be fully open shortly.
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ridgway, 970-316-1509
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Dolores River

Benrad, there is about 200 cfs being diverted at this time, for irrigation and the Toawac power station. This fluctuates and will be on the rise. Insignificant for fill & release. Kyles Conversions is a good site to convert CFS to AF/Day.
Bipi- wasn't trying to piss in your cheerios. The res will certainly fill this year- especially with the coming two day storm, today and tomorrow increasing flows!
With 4 decades on the mighty D, pre and post dam, the interesting thing to me is the fervor to run it- understandable- as it is maybe the most diverse, interesting, pleasant,challenging rivers around. Used to be the least visited, too.
The question is the spill - when and for how long?
The dwcd has recognized the boating demand and tries to accommodate.
In the 80s ( before rafting was as popular as now) and the river was dry, they spilled and those who were aware jumped on it. The dwcd did not spill for rafters then - just for the Lake level and to make room for inflows.
Then they turned it off. I have several friends who were left stranded with rafts and gear above the de-salinization plant when that occurred.
The USGS has attended DWCD meetings cautioning them to be careful of predictive spills as their reliability track record had left a lot to the imagination.
Since then they have improved a lot. KUDOS! Ramped spills and improved time frames, since the boaters were creating mayhem if it did not happen.
2 to 3 week spills every 3 to 5 YEARS did little to flush the canyon, so about 4 years ago they let a pretty good flood loose to clean things out.
This was magnanimous and helpful, as the DWCD had recognized boater use and economic impact. But not enough to restore years of un-impeded Tamarisk growth and silt accumulation.
The BLM even toyed with the idea of permits... but was shelved as you can't create a permit system when no one knows when to go!
Bottom line: When it happens weekends will be a zoo. Mid-week less so. Campsites that were beautiful and easy are overgrown - bring loppers. Go in small groups as more camps are available than a 4-6 boat 20 person group.
And yes you are right... you will not see me down there. Mostly because i remember running Brad to Bed and seeing 3-4 other boats the WHOLE time, if that.
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