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Originally Posted by bdaly View Post
How do you figure? It looks like it's at 400 cfs and rising.
Originally Posted by GeoRon View Post
Sure looks like 400cfs on the gauge to me.

This is the official update:

Today’s update is largely unchanged from lats week’s. McPhee continues to release temperature suppression flows of about 100 CFS downstream on top of the current fishery releases, bringing the total releases to approximately 140 CFS. These flows will run until the beginning of the managed release or “spill”, which will start after noon tomorrow, Tuesday May 21st. Releases will increase at a rate of about 400 CFS per day in order to achieve releases of 1,200 CFS by the morning of Friday May 24th. This rate will be maintained through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. On the morning of Tuesday May 28th, flows will ramp down to 800 CFS and will remain there at least through noon on Thursday May 30th.
As posted in their release statement, it said it was supposed to go up about 400cfs a day starting yesterday. By the end of the day yesterday it had only gone up ~200cfs. It started at 140cfs yesterday and ended up at 350cfs or so. So...its definitely behind what they said right now. It should be 500cfs and rising...about.

Who knows if that trend towards being slightly behind will continue or if they will still hit 1200cfs by Friday.

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Looks to me like the gauge is at around 500 and rising

Detail Graph
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Maybe the bear needs to be poked sometimes.

Has gone up since the moment I posted that and back on track now. 600 is Kayak float trip flows Pumphouse to Slick Rock now. Around 5 - 6 hours traveling time for a day trip at 600.

If anyone goes tomorrow be sure and report back conditions.
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As folks cancel plans for early June, read the Dolores Water Lords' condescending and phony explanation why 15 inch snow water equivalent vs 5 in SWE doesn't matter. Know they have never, and will never, play it straight and will not do anything other than hoard water. WHEN it warms up, the Water Lords have pretty much greeded themselves into a corner, and some of that 15 SWE might go over the top.

"Also, there has been a statement floating around about this year being at “300% of snowpack”, and this has caused some confusion. What this means is that, for this day of the year, May 22nd – when most of our SNOTELS have traditionally melted out to zero – we are three times as high as we have been on average for this day in previous years. It does not mean that the current remaining snow is a record amount compared to the traditional snowpack peak dates, which are around April 1st of most years. It only means that what snow we have is lingering longer than normal."

Yes, that is your intelligence that is being insulted.

On the up side, even if these unelected water lords can't be trusted or reigned in, mussels are starting to show up on boats in Navajo Reservoir, so the damned era is one invasive step toward its inevitable demise. Kind of like mice, if you see a couple, you know there are far more that you didn't see.
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Are there any shuttles for hire?

Hoping to blast a kayaks-only hot lap from Bradfield to Dewey Bridge. Possibly 5/28 to 5/30.
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Scroll down and there is a list of shuttle services. I used Ramona’s two weeks ago.answered the phone. Did the job. Cash only,no paperwork,etc.

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River of sorrows release

Where does the water come from? And when. The conversation is not about "river lords".
There are other considerations.
Ramping up flows gradually is good for boaters and habitat, though I am all for a flood/flush. Which may happen this year.
In a weather year like this, (high snow pack - Low early run off,) when temps get to normal, big flows will happen.
Any time a dam is put in place it impedes flow, if we are as smart as we think...
But we are not.
Look at Powell and Glen Canyon in 1982/83. I was there. Cataract went to 128,000 cfs. It is at 30 now, and will likely go to 60 by late june.
Cold temps, additional snow, and coming warm will bump things up to the point
that McPhee may not be able to release water fast enough to prevent overtopping.
Not saying it will, but the water lords are thinking about it.
While I was a naysayer of fill, now I am looking at an inability to control the flow.
Runoff has not EVEN started yet.

But keep in mind, those diversions go towards growing food.

The river, be it the Grand, Cataract, San juan, Middle fork,or the Dolores, does not exist for your enjoyment. IT exists because of physics.
Nature, and the Earth. When we put dams on them we pretend to have control.
We do not.
This year will stress a lot of control engineers as flow comes all at once later than predicted.
Predictions are guesses.
Engineers need to predict the runoff if all things are equal, to draw down the reservoir levels to accommodate inflow.
But when a drought happens and the reservoir is at historic lows, what would
you do? I would fill it.
If runoff comes faster than release cabiblity, or if drouhgt brings levels to dead pool, do you want that job?
Diversion, or boating? Food or fun?
The "Lords of the River" are just doing the best they can.
Cut them some slack.
The USGS is the ultimate arbiters
So relax.
The flow and ramp up is happening.
The flood of people is there.
The destruction of the uniqueness of the canyon is well underway.
But by all means cut down and kill as many tamarisk as possible on your voyage.
The scourge of all western rivers.
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Originally Posted by thunderfoot View Post
But keep in mind, those diversions go towards growing food.

The McPhee dam provides water for irrigation- most of the water is used to grow alfalfa for hay. Alfalfa needs a lot of water and is not native to the environment.

Also, the diverted reservoir water leaves the Dolores watershed and goes into the San Juan watershed, or evaporates in the canals. It's a use it or lose it system so people are throwing the water on the ground during rain and snow.
Meanwhile the lower Dolores canyon below the dam is getting choked with willows and the Ponderosa pines are dying, due to the extremely low water flows they release from the dam during most of the year.

Yes some of the water goes for food for humans but most of it is for food for cows, resulting in profits for a few, and environmental degradation for all.
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Yep, although Dolores and Montezuma counties grow beans and wheat for human consumption, these crops are dry land. The hay,(alfalfa) is the main crop that is irrigated.
The river probably thought, “ he is such an insignificant, pitiful, little creature, with such a short time to live, I will let him go this time, and try to teach him something” - Buzz Holmstrum
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Yeah. The Mussel thing. Colorado Parks jacked up the Boat registration by $25 this year ( Approx 50% ) citing this ' problem ' that they miraculously don't have here. Lake Powell did the inspections and decontaminations for years before finally admitting it was infested beyond control. The little buggers must have climbed the dam rather than come from upstream. They have given up now. I haven't been to Navajo recently, but probably the same there.

I did notice Blue Mesa doubled down on their release too despite being only 1/2 full. And Taylor did also a few days ago barely above half full. Ruedi ratcheting up too. And Ridgeway also. Same stories.

Oh well. Looks like good flows and good weather in the near future so SYOTR.
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