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What the hell happened to the Buzz

What's going on here, it's like the new designers are trying to see how much one can fit onto a page. Do we need all this? How many forums are we going to have to go through to find what we want? Anyone else have any feelings about this?

P the K

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I totally agree. It's very cluttered and difficult to navigate, find links etc. A classic example of when less is more. And the photo page, the buzz used to have the best photo page, it was geared specifically for checking out pics, nothing else. Props to eddy flower though, very cool.
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No offense. But the same goes for eddie flower being the flows page. It makes things way more complex, when all you want to know is the flow. Don't get me wrong eddy flower is a great resource, but phat eye was better suited for the situation.
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Word. I miss phateye's quickness and buzz'z old slickness.
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I agree. My sentiments can be summed up with a scene from Wayne's World:

Garth: "We fear change." (robotic arm begins to writhe, Garth beats it with hammer)

I miss the old buzz, too. Time keeps marching, though, everything moves "forward"...I guess that's just the way. I usually try to not be the defender of the status quo, but this new buzz makes me a little dizzy.

The next posts will say how much better it is, all the new whistles and bells, someone will chime in about how the last time the format was updated everyone objected but grew to accept and even love it, etc. etc.

Whatever. World keeps turnin.
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A tip: when looking for a particular river on the eddy flower page, hit
ctrl F and type the river, like "Bear" and you will locate the gauge quickly.
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Less is more; very true. Does this site seem noisy? The home landing page is like turning on the stereo and the volume was accidently left on full blast from a party the day before; or like walking out of your house from a deep sleep and the sun is instantly burning your eyes, making hard to see; or like drinking what you think is coke but it is sweet tea. It makes you want to leave. I know most of the users are repeaters and will figure out their own way of navigating, but there is competition now, and with the use of Adsense, you want to drive/retain new traffic for revenue growth. These are just my thoughts, I am not an expert with forums, but I am the Manager of Interactive Services for an advertising agency. I am a fan of what you are trying to do, it is just the first page.
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I would troll around for a trip and new gear if I wasn't so suddenly determined to go buy women's deodorant. The white marks on my neoprene are definately unattractive, thanks for pointing that out!
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Agree with everything said. This site is fugly. The text font is HUGE !!!
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One thing that has to go is the huge "click here to register" box at the top of the forums(.....that shows up when your not logged in.)
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