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Ultra disappointed in the BUZZ

So I log back into Mountainbuzz to make a bit of final plea for funds and to honestly say to take it easy on Idahofloater and also the moderators who I thought were just trying to keep things civil on the "I'm willing to place a wager" thread. It's not my style to make inflammatory comments and I don't think personal attacks accomplish much except making the attacker seem petty. So I was going to try and put this stuff in perspective and ask that despite the drama there really is some good discussion going down and the thread had in fact helped me refine my approach to the film.

So I go into the thread and it seems like some stuff is missing. I start to hunt through it a little bit and see that it has been selectively edited and closed. Reading through to see what still exists I find myself becoming more and more unhappy with the way the thread is left, yet I'm unable to do anything to rectify it because it's closed.

A lot of bitching and moaning goes on about the moderators and some might be surprised that a good portion of the time I side with the moderators. I've been on this site for well over a decade and I don't think people are joking when they say it used to be more fun, light hearted and because almost everyone knew everyone else in the beginning, things could be spoken that could easily be taken the wrong way but instead would always be taken with a grain of salt. Now there's obviously a lot more people, which makes the forum a much more powerful, and at times interesting place, but it also brings along anonymity and a range of visitors, some without a sense of humor and some who choose to intentionally be vindictive, mean and/or antagonistic. I guess sometimes it is hard to tell the jokes from the attacks, especially when many times they are one in the same. I guess what I'm trying to say is the moderators have their place in a forum this large.

However, the way this thread was handled displays in my opinion the over reach of, and the epitome of, selective moderation. I am not certain, but the way the thread was moderated makes me feel that the deletions to the post were made mostly at the request of Idahofloater - and if they weren't, it at least appears that way.

Lotsawater should not have responded with name calling to what clearly was an attack on our project from Idahofloater. The simple fact remains though that his attack was made first, and was made personal by his line insinuating that my "childern (sic) will miss their father because their father has more important things to do." I believe Lotsawater's greater point and from my reading, the community's general consensus, that Idahofloater should issue an apology was an important part of the discussion regarding our project. At least an important part to me.

Whether he apologizes or not, it afforded me the opportunity to defend myself as a parent and to further explain the purpose of our mission in the context of my children. Instead as the thread currently reads, Idahofloaters comments are allowed to remain, yet numerous comments putting his criticism in context are withdrawn from the thread. Does this "moderation" in the name of removing an immature moment of name calling, not take more away from the discussion than just the name calling? Couldn't some of the language have been toned down without removing the entire back half of the thread where there were valid points made about the validity of the project? Why can Idahofloater be called a douchebag and not a something else? Why does the thread need to be closed and furthermore why does the removal of the replies begin with the post calling out the moderators? Is there something wrong with relaying the moderation? Do we have the gestapo as our moderators who must operate in secret?

I feel short changed. I feel that for some reason we've been held accountable while Idahofloater has not been. Looking back through, Idaho's comments were offensive, but I didn't whine to the moderators about be called out. I responded and defended myself, yet Idahofloater is mysteriously absent from the rest of thread after he was called out asking for an apology. Maybe the thread just wasn't moving in a positive direction anymore, and I can understand that, but the way it has been left and then closed is an irresponsible use of moderator authority.

Evan Stafford
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Well said Evan. The buzz was a much better place long ago.
Good luck with your trip south. I'm looking forward to living vicariously via your writings and video. Cheers, Atom...
action is the enemy of thought
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Besides an occasional interesting topic or link, the best part of the buzz is the photos! That has been royally screwed up.

The moderators have always been pussies. Probably rafters.......
Creek Boaters Like Tight Boxes
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Originally Posted by cosurfgod View Post
Probably rafters.......
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Wow. I move to the motherland of kayaking, get a real job working to restore rivers, and shred the gnar gnar in various forms every day and look what happens to the Buzz. I sure do miss all the banter that happens when young aspiring shredders to old haggard river folk are all pent up for the winter months with no way good release except to watch Seven Rivers for the millionth time.

Sure I may be too busy lacing boofs and green tongues most days to contribute but censorship and closing threads is a little over the top. I certainly know old frankfurter I mean Frenchy had more stones than that...

PS - Pete I'm bring the booty of booties to Chile just so you have something to drink all those beers out of every day.
The high side of good - Daniel D
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This is odd, I was going to go back and look at the comments, but a huge portion of the thread is gone, like Evan stated. If physical threats are made than it is understandable, personal/private information is released, understandable. With this deletion and no explanation I have no idea why the edit was made. I think people just want to know the reasoning behind the edit, and why not just edit comments that might have fallen into the above categories, if they were any, I don't remember.

Idaho's comments were low, essentially calling a man who he doesn't know a poor father. I understand the want for an apology.
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Agree with Evan 100%. I was following that thread closely. What's up?

I understand the buzz now has a membership and following much larger than ever...which brings along with it a bunch of whiny biznitches that get their feelings hurt often....but censoring some of the people that made the buzz what it is (er...was)???

I've been on the buzz well over a decade as well...since my days in ftcollins (just didn't get a name for a few years because i saw no reason to post...i came for the entertainment).

I don't understand what the big deal is...those that bitch and whine and moan and complain should leave...please keep all posts as written so they can be weeded out.
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How we'd used to say it: River Wrangler is a sandbagging front-range chode that props up Chunderboys sack.

Modern Day Edit: Evan is a pioneer, caring father, and ambassador for river enthusiasts everywhere.

Call me old school, but I like option A.

And Idahofloater is still just that until he apologizes. It's one thing to make jovial personal attacks on people you know, but to pass judgement on a stranger based on your own misguided perceptions is just weak sauce. To not own up for it is even weaker. I believe the technical term is Troll, but Idahofloater seems to work just fine as well.

Moderators should fine him one credit (or whatever the heck it is they do) for being a ________________ (insert your own judgement here)
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Originally Posted by cosurfgod View Post
The moderators have always been pussies. Probably rafters.......
Hey, those who often pack your gear and your poo deserve more respect.

Kayakers are expendable, not so rafters.

(This post is designed to verify/disprove your theory on moderators being rafters.)
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Since my post that was all constructive to the project except for the first sentence was deleted I will put it here again because I still stand by it. Idahofloater is a piece of shit and the moderators are chickenshit. I wonder if it is the moderator that is skeptical about the project that conveniently deleted and locked the thread?

Too bad I can't repeat the couple paragraphs I wrote that had information related to the project, the gist of it was everyone seems to oppose dams but there is a larger impact from the transmission lines that goes unnoticed that I'm glad Evan called out in the trailer.
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