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the google ads are NOT COOL.

I haven't been on mtnbuzz for a while (and probably won't for a while after this), but today is the first day i've seen the first post of a thread marred by google ads. Like mine is below. This is very distracting and uncool. The site is already plastered with ads, can't we do better than this? WTF.

Edit: okay so they only show up if you are not logged in. Still lame.

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get used to it, it's worse on other forums and its the only alternative. unless you want to pay for access.

my .02 not calling you out for an argument, i dont like em either.....
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Margins are really thin for keeping a site alive, especially with the server use that a site like this uses. Ask Frenchy about how much it costs for server space, time to bug fix and update all the code, etc as a solo business model. Andy R is not getting fabulously wealthy running the 10 or so sites he owns, but he's a firm believer in the power of communities.

If you don't believe in Andy's commitment to boaters, I'd suggest that we all really consider the local advertisers that are still buying targeted advertising on the Buzz (like I'm looking at a Alpine Quest Sports ad right now, I know Golder River Sports and 4 Corners are consistent advertisers ) as the guys that are supporting your community. But the google ads keep all these every small community sites alive while everyone's advertising budgets are shitting the bed right now. Those ad budgets are the first to go in the bad times - trust me.....
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Logged in members only see one Google ad in the left hand column. Guest are shown more ads and encouraged to register. Everyone is able to install Ad Blocker and see no ads.

Plans are in the works to release a system to help promote endemic advertisers such as local shops and paddling related gear companies. If that system is a success we will start to phase out some of the Google ads.
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What is the ?

I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm all for making a buck, but the advertising is getting a little invasive. Quik links for ads in my comment screen with my username somehow attached to them, it's disengenous. I feel diminishes the community and the flow of the Buzz. At what point do we become back seat in this game. My comments are meant constructively in context to Buzz community. They are by no means personal and you may not share my views but I hope you consider them. Mountainbuzz will continue to change, I hope for the best. It is a great online community with all kinds of characters. Allow us to keep our one small individual part, our comments, free of advertising links which have nothing to do with us.

Thank for your consideration, David
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I love em. They are just one more thing for cranky old buzzards to bitch about.
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Originally Posted by Porkchop View Post
I love em. They are just one more thing for cranky old buzzards to bitch about.
Quoted for truth.

And I agree other sites are by far worse with stupid LOUD ads that spout out inappropriate things when I'm at work - and those ads don't go away once logged in.

Just log in folks and quit bitching, boating season will be here soon.
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I use addblock for firefox and I had no idea there were adds on this site, now Im going to have to turn it off and check.
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