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You got change for that?

Hey y’all,

In light of all the recent posts, I’d like to say a few things about it all myself. Not as a Buzz Crew member or as anything other than a post from me, someone who cares a lot about what happens to this site. Change is rough, regardless of the circumstances. No surprise, Mountainbuzz is going through a lot of changes right now for many different reasons…improving the photo gallery, moving the server, upgrading the software (which will make many things easier, filter spam, and provide new tools which you may choose to use), and experimenting with forums. Some of this change is due to obvious glitches in the system, and some of it is a result of lots of feedback from MB members. No telling whether you’ll like it when all the growing pains have ceased, but I do know a few things:

*Andy is a good guy with lots of experience, some great ideas, and the resources to implement them. He’s not the Wizard behind the curtain, trying to make your life hell while you search a bunch of forums before your boss walks back in the office. Frenchy put a lot of thought into turning the site over, and if he thought Andy would bring it down, he never would have done it. So cut him a little slack here, eh? Changes this big don’t happen overnight, and by the time next season rolls around it will all be on autopilot...wrinkles smoothed out, issues addressed. In the meantime, can’t we all just act like one big dysfunctional family and try to get along?

*Your friendly neighborhood Buzz Crew is doing the best they can to help ease the process in the midst of all the changes. They are active community members, who have a strong interest in seeing Mountainbuzz succeed, and although they can’t address everyone’s issues or gripes, they can help make this transition easier. Andy enlisted their help because one guy, who’s got lots of other projects on his plate, and who is not totally in tune with the paddling community (yet), can’t do it all. If you think this is mayhem, imagine what it would be like without the help of a handful of guys who know Mountainbuzz and boating as well as they do. No one is trying to constrain your speech here (well unless your post comes with a barely legal XXX link in it…and then there was that one thing the other day, but I don’t think that will happen again), they are just moving things around till people get used to the new format, answering questions, and taking in your feedback and suggestions.

*Bottom line is that we all gather here because we are passionate about whitewater, and beyond that, the outdoor lifestyle. I can’t blame Andy for wanting to try to work with the other things that we like to do in our off-season, in an effort to get more continuous traffic to the site. And just because he’s adding new forums right now, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the same forums that will be there come April. He’s not going to ‘stay the course’ if it’s not working. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one) If a certain forum gets no traffic, it probably won’t stay there just to take up space. And if you have suggestions, you will be heard. Obviously, some styles of criticism are better received than others. I get it that there are things you don’t like. There are things I don’t like, but it’s unlikely there will be a solution to please everyone, and MB will lose some members and gain some members in the process. I think the key is to continue to provide feedback in a constructive way, if you really want to help get things to a place that works for most everyone. And have a little patience…

Sorry, you never get a short post with me. One of these days, I’ll learn how to say more with less! Oh, and there is new software on deck, so get ready for more change. You can’t say no one warned you.

Did I put this in the right forum?

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