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no tengo
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Where is Trout today?

cryin for his mama thats where.

I especially like this from cnn

"a lot of voters said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic.' They didn't even know the name of the Democrat, but they said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic because I don't like Bush, I don't like the war, I want to make a statement.'"

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Thanks for asking!

Been a busy day. You may have noticed that the market was up; the DOW anyway.

Went to fill up my wife's GMC Yukon last night and noticed that gas had gone up 13 cents a gallon. Took that as a sign, certain stocks I have been tracking (not on the DOW industrials) were sure to fall with a Dhimmi take over. Was a busy, busy short sellin' fool today!!!

I think I made enough today to buy that vacation home out in Granby, CO. You know, stay in it 2 weeks in summer and 2 in winter and drive up everybody's property tax rates!

took my profits while I could, these favorable tax rates won't last forever!!
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Oh, gas prices up? who woulda thought after elections? Probably your right winged lovers who are raisen the prices? No, cant be!
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you are weird

TB -

you are one weird dude - i can see how you might be defensive, taking the right wing approach, and getting so much critisim here on the buzz (this thread included)...

but man, your latest (above) is really odd.

maybe i'm totally misunderstanding you, but it seems that you're trying to gloat about your recent monetary gains, as if to say "oh yeah, my people may have lost, but i'm rich!"

so....that's pretty weird.

i think that lots of us lefty's are happy if you make money (law abiding ways) - that's capitalism...and good for you, man. i hope you make lots and lots. buy your house - that's also quite fine. it just strikes me as odd that this is your reaction to someone pointing out the fact that america spoke, and they said - we don't support the republicans, we want some change.

i'm starting to agree that you are not a real dude, but someone's joke to rile people up.

can there really be a "man" who somehow found a wife, that resorts to gloating about his personal finances because his party lost an election???

please explain?
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gunnison, Colorado
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it takes alot of courage to openly declare the shortcomings of your character like that.

Yeah, I feel pretty strongly about the responsibility of the investor to the members of the economy.

Regardless, I wan't to be a hero also, so here goes:

I am an asthmatic midged who smokes profusely whenever he isn't on the water.
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ski/kayak bum
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let me educate you on the commodities and stock markets (that way you don't continue to make an ass of yourself), actual gas price changes at the pump are not an indicator that oil prices will rise. and any one who makes serious moves already knew that the dems were projected to win. therefore, all holdings that you would have logically sold short on would have adjusted weeks ago.
so either quite lying or go review your "profits" and make sure they aren't written in red.


p.s. no wonder the republicans actually believe that tax cuts help the economy more than government spending, they talk out there ass.
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TB. At least you're not a sore loser. It was a good day for me also. sj
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sweet sj!! $$$$ makes the world go around, despite what these hippie freaks will tell you!!!
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