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View Poll Results: What did you think of "An Inconvenient Truth"?
Pure Baloney 2 6.06%
Distorted the issue 3 9.09%
Perhaps it is true, but I'm not convinved 0 0%
Yea, the arguments made sense, but it's not that big of a deal 0 0%
Yea, I agree with the movie and we should take stronger action on global warming 18 54.55%
I didn't see it, but I don't trust it to be fair 1 3.03%
I don't need to see it to accept we should take strong action on global warming 9 27.27%
Voters: 33. You may not vote on this poll

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What did you think of "An Inconvenient Truth"?

I just saw the DVD of the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" on global warming. I'm pretty familiar with the topic so it wasn't a great surprise to me. I thought the movie presented the topic well, was generally correct, made appropriate conclusions, and the call to action was reasonable. I was impressed how the movie presented the issue.

The main thing that bothered me about the movie was that at the beginning it seemed to be a campaign rally for Al Gore. I didn't like this because his elitist style and political views can turn people off on this issue. I wish the movie had stuck to the issue and not focused on Al Gore so much. The second half stuck to the issue more and was better.

Overall, I was impressed and moved that our government can and should do more about this. We should make this a larger political issue. I like the comment that we shouldn't just go from disbelief to despair, but that we should try action.

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So why did you pick "Yea, the arguments made sense, but it's not that big of a deal" and not " don't need to see it to accept we should take strong action on global warming" based on your statement?

I thought the filmed Powerpoint presentation was god awful except for the message being presented which is important and was put together well. The megalomaniacal inserts were totally irrelevant and one of a number of reasons I could never bring myself to vote for Al Gore.

How about a pertinent quote from French author (and therefore American hater) Georges Bernanos:

"I've thought for a long time now that if, some day, the increasing efficiency for the technique of destruction finally causes our species to disappear from the earth, it will not be cruelty that will be responsible for our extinction, and still less, of course, the indignation that cruelty awakens and the reprisals and vengeance that it brings upon itself, but the docility, the lack of responsibility of the modern person, their subservient acceptance of every common decree. The horrors that we've seen and the still greater horrors we shall presently see, are not signs that rebels, insubordinate, untamable people are increasing in number throughout the world, but rather that there is a constant increase in the number of obedient, docile people."
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Pretty smart guy..even if he is from Freedom (I'm not allowed to say the "F word")

But I think Agent Smith said it best -- he hated America, too. Well, all of humanity, really...

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals.

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague...and we are the cure. "

Global warming? Whatever. The machines will rise and conquer long before we even break a sweat. And it will ultimately be the best thing for the organism as a whole...the planet. We suck and one way or another we're on our way out. Maybe Jebus will come back for us? Take us all away to a happy place? If Allah wills it. And Jah and Buddha agree. And Ra and Zeus and Thor and the blue chick with all the arms...
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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The film is nothing but junk science and a grand attempt to relaunch Al Gore's political career. The man has the largest carbon footprint on the planet himself and Al's carbon footprint grows larger with every private jet trip he takes in order to promote his self aggrandizing flim to the NY, LA and international elite jet set so that he can rack up at the Oscars.

Global Warming? Tell that to a cattle rancher in SE Colorado.

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John You should do a little research before invoking the SE CO. rancher. You're just showing how ill informrd you are on things more than 2 hours and 15 minutes from the Nanty. sj
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Heavy snow drifts so large that the CO National Guard has to be called in to feed some bovines. Yep those warm January days due to that ever present global warming sure is heating things up!!!

Of course you greenies would never even eat meat, think of all the greenhouse gases that are emitted in the raising of cattle!!! And not just the bovines and their flatulence, think of the trucks, the combines the coal fired generator running the slaughter house (no nuke power, that is the other liberal mantra). A very fossil fuel intensive enterprise.

OMG I said "Enterprise" in an evil thing like and Enterpise, some rich industrialist makes $$ of the backs of poor workers!!

Tax the Rich!!!!! Curtail their liberty!! They are EVIL!!
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Nice rant but it had absolutly nothing to do with my post or my politics. I realize that the Enviornment is a Emotional argument with the right and not a scientific one. Just like your fear of gay men.

Yes we had a big storm but we are still in the midst of a drought. And one storm does not prove or disprove a changing climate. 7.48 figure that one out and get back to me oh brainy one. sj
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Fear of gay men? Where did that come from??
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An Inconvenient Truth ( AIT ), Vice President Al Gore's book on “The planetary emergency of global warming and what can be done about it,” purports to be a non-partisan, non-ideological exposition of climate science and moral common-sense. In reality, AIT is a colorfully illustrated lawyer's brief for global warming alarmism and energy rationing. It is a J'Accuse hurled at fossil-energy-based civilization, especially the USA, and above all the Bush Administration and its allies in the U.S. oil and auto industries.

We do not expect lawyers to argue both for and against their clients, nor do we expect balance from party men. However, although Gore reminds us (in the film version of AIT ) that he “used to be the next President of the United States,” and concludes the book and movie with a call for “political action,” he presents AIT as the work of a long-time student of climate science, a product of meditation on “what matters.” He thus asks us to expect more from him than the mere cleverness that can sway juries or win elections.

This reasonable expectation is unmet. In AIT , the only facts and studies considered are those convenient to Gore's scare-them-green agenda. And in many instances, Gore distorts the evidence he cites.

The present paper, a running commentary on AIT , finds that nearly every significant statement Gore makes regarding climate science and climate policy is either one sided, misleading, exaggerated, speculative, or wrong. Below is a list of 25 of egregious examples.

One-sided statements

• AIT never acknowledges the indispensable role of fossil fuels in alleviating hunger and poverty, extending human life spans, and democratizing consumer goods, literacy, leisure, and personal mobility.

• It never acknowledges the environmental, health, and economic benefits of climatic warmth and the ongoing rise in the air's CO 2 content.

• It neglects to mention that aggregate mortality and mortality rates due to extreme weather events declined dramatically during the 20 th century.

• It neglects to mention the circumstances that make it reasonable rather than blameworthy for America to be the biggest CO 2 emitter: the world's largest economy, abundant fossil energy resources, markets integrated across continental distances, the world's most mobile population.

• The book impugns the motives of so-called global warming skeptics but never acknowledges the special-interest motivations of those whose research grants, direct mail income, industrial policy privileges, regulatory power, prosecutorial plunder, or political careers depend on keeping the public in a state of fear about global warming.

• AIT never addresses the obvious criticism that the Kyoto Protocol is all economic pain for no environmental gain and that regulations stringent enough to measurably cool the planet would be a “cure” worse than the alleged disease.

Misleading statements

• AIT implies that, throughout the past 650,000 years, changes in CO 2 levels preceded and largely caused changes in global temperature, whereas the causality mostly runs the other way: CO 2 changes followed global temperature changes by hundreds to thousands of years.

• It ignores the societal factors that typically overwhelm climatic factors in determining people's risk of damage or death from hurricanes, floods, drought, tornadoes, wildfires, and disease.

• It implies that a study, which found that none of 928 science articles (actually abstracts) denied a CO 2 -global warming link, shows that Gore's apocalyptic view of global warming is the “consensus” view among scientists.

• It reports that 48 Nobel Prize-winning scientists accused Bush of distorting science, without mentioning that the scientists acted as members of a 527 political group set up to promote the Kerry for President Campaign.

Exaggerated statements

• AIT hypes the importance and exaggerates the certainty of the alleged link between global warming and the frequency and severity of tropical storms.

• Claims polar bears “have been drowning in significant numbers,” based on a report that found four drowned polar bears in one month of one year, following an abrupt storm.

• Portrays the collapse in 2002 of the Larson-B ice shelf—a formation the “size of Rhode Island”—as harbinger of doom. For perspective, the Larson-B was 180 th the size of Texas and 1/246 th the size of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS).

• AIT presents a graph suggesting that China's new fuel economy standards are almost 30% more stringent than the current U.S. standards. In fact, the Chinese standards are only about 5% more stringent.

Speculative statements

• AIT blames global warming for the record-breaking 37-inch downpour in Mumbai, India, in July 2005, even there has been no trend in Mumbai rainfall for the month of July in 45 years.

• It blames global warming for recent floods in China's Sichuan and Shandong provinces, even though more damaging floods struck those areas in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries.

• It blames global warming for the disappearance of Lake Chad, a disaster more likely stemming from a combination of regional climate variability and societal factors such as population increase and overgrazing.

• AIT warns that a doubling of pre-industrial CO 2 levels to 560 ppm will so acidify seawater that all optimal areas for coral reef construction will disappear by 2050—implausible because coral calcification rates have increased as ocean temperatures and CO 2 levels have risen, and today's main reef builders evolved and thrived during the Mesozoic Period, when atmospheric CO 2 levels hovered above 1,000 ppm for 150 million years and exceeded 2,000 ppm for several million years.

• It warns of “significant and alarming structural changes” in the submarine base of the WAIS, but does not tell us what those changes are or why they are “significant and alarming.” The WAIS has been retreating since the early Holocene. At the rate of retreat observed in the 1990s, the WAIS should disappear in about 7,000 years.

• It warns that half the Greenland Ice Sheet could “slide” into the sea, even though the ice sheet sits in a bowl-like depression surrounded by mountains that restrict glacial outflow to the sea.

Wrong statements

• AIT claims glaciologist Lonnie Thompson's reconstruction of climate history proves the Medieval Warm Period was “tiny” compared to the warming observed in recent decades. It doesn't. Four of Thompson's six ice cores indicate the Medieval Warm Period was as warm as or warmer than any recent decade.

• It claims the rate of global warming is accelerating, when it has been remarkably constant for the past 30 years—roughly 0.17°C/decade.

• It attributes Europe's killer heat wave of 2003 to global warming; it was actually due to an atmospheric circulation anomaly.

• It claims that 2004 set an all-time record for the number of tornadoes in the United States. Tornado frequency has not increased; rather, the detection of smaller tornadoes has increased. If we consider the tornadoes that have been detectable for many decades (F-3 or greater), there is actually a downward trend since 1950.

• It blames global warming for a “mass extinction crisis” that is not, in fact, occurring.

In light of these and other distortions, AIT is ill-suited to serve as a guide to climate science and climate policy for the American people.
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No need to worry, just a cyclic thing. Why take any action at all if there is a chance global warming is a myth?

7.48, hmmm, let me take a guess. The number of innocent Iraqis who have to die so I can drive a Hummer?
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