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Boulder, Colorado
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Tacticool Gear for Everyday Emergencies

Iím not the sharpest crayon in the shed (ehÖ that doesnít sound right) so forgive me if Iím asking some dumb questions. Iíve always wanted to buy some of that tacticool gear thatís supposed to save your ass in some likely emergency but I just canít figure out what those situations are and how it would be used. This is probably because I never graduated from cub scouts and I forewent Ďlogicí for Ďtypingí class in high school. I understand what I need for most of my backcountry pursuits but I think Iím woefully unprepared for front country everyday emergencies. So, Iím wondering how I might use some of the following items I frequently see in adventure stores and on tacticoolguys around town: paracord survival bracelet, EDC knife (thatís tacticoolguy speak for ĎEvery Day Carryí), tacticool survival belt. What other obvious life saving gear am I missing that I should be carrying everyday around town? And to the important question, in what everyday emergency (building fire, tornado, car crash?) might I use this gear and how?

PS - links to products and educational resources are welcome. I found this video of a survival belt very informative:

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Missoula, Montana
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Interesting belt. I imagine it clashes with Utilikilts, so it's a hard pass for me.
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Boise, Idaho
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Here is what you need for your backyard BBQ emergency
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Never enough free time
Red Lodge, Montana
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Well duh...

When the zombie apocalypse happens the camera crews will recognize your badassness because of all of the sweet tacticool gear you sport and so will take you with them on the news chopper to their fortress so you can be their new leader.
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Bozeman, Montana
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Tourniquet, a decent knife and perhaps maybe one of those paracord brackets. I got one from my girlfriend parents. It’s a paracord bracelet with a built in compas and whistle. The middle part of the buckle is flint.
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"Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer, at your service"
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I thought I'd replied earlier, but must not have hit submit.

A good knife is a must in many emergency situations. It doesn't even need to be tacticool. Unless you're chopping wood, a scalpel could turn out to be even more useful than a rambo knife.

A good first aid kit. As large as you can justify carrying regularly.

And #1: the gray matter between your ears. Take a Wilderness First Aid course and a Wilderness Survival course. After the course, you should have the know-how and also the background information to decide what other gear to buy or assemble.
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Totally agree with MT4Runner...your best "gear" is your ability to stop, think, observe, plan (moments, not hours), stay calm, do no harm. Be polite when asking someone to call 911. Stay focused, you have the rest of your life to freak out. This way of thinking and calmly responding can relate to any emergent situation. Know how to read a map, use first aid, etc. Read incident reports and plot what you would have done differently. Leave extended trip info with a reliable friend about where you are going, when you plan to be back, and stick with your plan. Don't rush into an accident scene, see and hear what is going on, you don't want to become a victim yourself. Lots of survival books out there for arm chair analysis of incidents.
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
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I would recommend a quality lock blade pocket knife for your EDC (Benchmade, Emerson etc). Have some form of light on you as well. You pick the scenario and your better off with a good knife and light in my opinion. Your vehicle can carry first aid gear which should include a Cat-T, quick clot, etc. A window break and seatbelt/strap cutter is also a good thing for the car. Check out the Zulu gear car visor. Its tacticool and will hold some small stuff (window break, pen light, pens, chem stick etc). Good topic by the way.
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thornton, Colorado
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Pineapple and anchovie pizza

A few years back my next door neighbor's wife was six mouth's pregnant and stop to get a pineapple and anchovie pizza, going back to her car a man tried to rob her with a knife. She managed to lift the lid and hit the robber in the face with the pizza. She ran back into the pizza joint and call 911 and told the operator what happened. When the police arrived they ask her what type of pizza it was, she replied what the fuck, it was a pineapple and anchovie pizza. The officer radioed to another officer and told him the type of pizza and he replied they have a suspect in custody. So what ever you have at the moment will work for tacticool gear. They replaced the pizza for her too.
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