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Rainbow family hippies trying to take over routt county

Some 20000 hippies are planning on living in routt national forest for a good portion of this summer. With that said............. the only good hippie is a dead hippie!

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Why do hippies wear so much pit-chulli, piculle, pechulli (however the fuck you spell it, like I know)????..........

So even blind people can kick their ass.

F'in hippies
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HIPPIES!!!, They are everwhere, HIPPIES!!!!

apparently making a short stop in Boulder---pulling hungry puppy's around on rope leashes....OIY
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I have a story about the Rainbow Family...the weirdest experience of my life. First off, let me state that I am NOT a hippie. Several years ago I was invited to a "hippie" party in the woods by some friends of mine, one of which was a hippie, but not a member of the Rainbow Family. I figuired it would be fun to go camp and see naked hippies running around, so I went. Before this experience, I had never heard of the "Rainbow Family", but I will never forget them.

This is a CULT group if I've ever seen one. After camping and talking to other members of this cult, all of whom lead somewhat respectable lives before joining this thing, I figuired out what they were all about. Every member I spoke with came from rather wealthy families, but chose to give up everything they owned to this "Rainbow Family" to live a 'simple' life and get back in touch with nature or whatever.

They have a book of rules, which is like their religion, and from what I had heard of it, it was just messed up. Get a bunch of hippies on acid together to write a new religion/rules and you can imagine the outcome. Anyway, the cult has leaders...most of the hippies had normal tents and not a whole lot of gear with them. These leaders had HUGE canvas tents with lush furniture in them and lots of hippie women waiting on them hand and foot and ... you get the point.

I remember at night time one of the leaders, who went by Mortecai or something weird like that, was walking through the woods wearing a long black trench coat, and he had about ten people on each side walking behind him carrying torches. It was pretty eery. I asked one of the rainbow hippies about it, he said "That's Mortecai, one of the leaders. Be careful around him, he's great with swords and throwing knives, and has them on him all the time. He's the 'enforcer'." The dude didn't look like a hippie. He looked more like a gothic skin head.

The next day things started to go real bad. We had brought a little portable radio with us, and we were playing some techno beats while making breakfast over our campfire. One of the "leaders" came over (this one, too, looked more like a skin head) and told us to turn off the radio and put out our fire, or else. A friend of mine I was camping with doesn't take directions very well, so he started to raise hell with this guy and basically told him to get bent...it was national forest and he could play a radio and have a fire if he wanted to. I could see my friend really wanted to slug this guy, but instead he walked away and punched a tree.

Later on, one of the hippies told me the leaders were holding a meeting about us, and that we should leave because "the leaders have ordered some of the family to start digging the pits, and that's never a good sign". I asked him to elaborate, and he basically said we might get thrown into these huge fire pits.

I took it upon myself to go on a stealth mission through the woods to eavesdrop on this meeting. I was stunned when I saw the whole group of "leaders" together. ALL of them looked like they had just gotten out of prison. Shaved heads with tattoos all over them (one had a swastica tattoo on his head), carrying weapons like swords and polearms, just a creepy scene. I couldn't get close enough to actually hear what they were saying without being seen, but at that point it became clear to me...if you were running from the law and wanted to disappear, this would be the place. These guys are no good.

When I returned to my camp, the tent was gone and so was my friend (the one who really pissed off one of the leaders). I asked around and no one knew where he was, no one saw him leave. At first I was worried something happened to him, but when I went looking for his car, it was gone too. I figuired he must have just packed up and left, or his car would still be there. But I was real pissed, because he was my ride, and I was sleeping in his tent.

I didn't want to be with these maniacal cultists anymore...and now I had no ride back and nowhere to sleep. I started talking to some of the other hippies around where I was camping, and one of them told me if my friend was still here, we would have all been in the fire pit...which they fired up later that night. I'm not talking about your average bon-fire. These people dug about four pits, all of which were roughly 5' X 10' and about 5' deep.

That night a bunch of people had gone out and picked some poisonous mushrooms, and handed them out to everyone who wanted them. Of course, they weren't the good kind and everyone who ate them became super sick. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them died and got tossed in the pit as if they never existed...but no, I didn't see anything like that happen. Then I started hearing stories about past gatherings, one of which involved what they called the "national" gathering, which is supposedly one of the biggest of the year...and how someone dumped two deer carcuses into their main water supply, and everyone got sick. All of the stories I heard were bad, and I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would travel around with these freaks. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Watching the naked hippies run around was not worth all this crap.

Luckily, I was able to find one naked hippie chick who said I could sleep in her tent and she had a spare blanket I could use, and they could give me a ride back to a town the next day. So I didn't have to sleep by myself in the woods and freeze to death, which was good...but the smell in this tent was bad. Very, very bad. And no, I never got naked with this naked hippie chick...I imagine most of them have aids the way they "take care" of the "leaders", and going off my assumption that the leaders all came straight from D block. Anyway, I didn't get much sleep because I was pretty paranoid about the stories I was told and the threat of being tossed in the fire pit. So I pretty much slept with one eye open and one hand on a big rock under my balled up jacket that I used as a pillow. The next day when I was leaving a few of the leaders took it upon themselves to see me out, and made it very clear that I was never invited back. Like it was something I wanted to do again. They probably threw a "The normal person left" party after that, but I was on my way to town so I could care less. Although, the town was about 250 miles away from my home, but I was able to scrounge up enough change for a bus ticket.

These people are nuts!!!!
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OMFG! Best avatar ever IkayakNboard!
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Interesting story, sounds like the hippies watched a little too much children of the corn. I dont see what's so eery about walking around the woods at night with a dozen or so torch-carryin hippies though. I dont go anywhere without my topless entourage surrounding me, chanting "the leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date".

When I lived in Boulder, I worked with this stanky couple....providing they would ever show up to work...that lived up in the woods around Ned. They came into work one night with a little hippy baby and told me about how they had delivered it out in the woods with the dirty-ass'd hippy daddy playin doctor. Sick. There's gotta be a better name for the current generation of hippies though. How bout, piece of shit?

And pick up your trash, "hippies"!!
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Does anyone have any info on where exactly this party is? Sounds fun.
I believe it is spelled Patchouli.
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Hippies are quite simply the scourge of my existence, they are completely unproductive members of society. They promise lives where you can mooch till you die, and always stay high. Someone post their coordinates, I'll make a firepit of my own out of those scum.
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Well what they say and apparently what they do ...

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20,000? Hippies?

Turned to sheep by the hardships of privledge the rainbooo cult marches bravly to oblivion. Frightening & vey funny account of human de-evolution. I thought the old hippies smelled better than the new ones. Having known a rainbow person living in Flagstaff Az (Chance T), I was strongly motivated to avoid such gatherings & now realize how lucky I was.
Where is the invasion landing???
Ahhhhh the irony of the environmental impact.
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