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Ornamental Concrete Contractor Needed - NW Denver

Can anyone recommend a good ornamental concrete contractor for a project in Westminster? They will need to be insured and have appropriate license (if needed). This is "essential services" work and could be done during stay at home orders. Please PM me. Thanks!

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Not to be confrontational,but the terms ornamental and essential seem to be a bit at odds .I think you are just trying to help someone get something done and maybe help a buzzard get some work T.hat is fine,but what makes ornamental concrete work more essential than say,myself and other contractors i work with being able to finish projects that were underway before the stay at home order,if appropriate social distancing is possible? What we do is not"essential ' to society as a whole in the short term. But in the longer term it is essential that people be able to make a living,that the people who borrowed money to finance a remodel don't accrue a bunch of interest while a project sits idle,that the stores that provide our materials stay in business .Mechanical -Electrical-plumbing systems could be considered essential, but more cosmetic finish work is not except for the economic stabilization that people in those trades will ultimately need.Ornamental and cosmetic are semi-synonymous .

I can't even remember what the original point i was trying to make wasI guess it was calling out the vagaries of who is or isn't essential and how we might begin to carefully normalize once a corner is turned in combating this virus.I don;t want to be irresponsible but i do need to get back to work soon.I am going to be pretty pissed off if i can't work in an unoccupied home with one other guy,but people are allowed to attend Easter services ,about as nonessential as it gets by my way of thinking. i am thankful that we live in a state with relatively responsible government.I would give Gov.Polis fairly high marks for his handling of the situation .

the most irresponsible thing i have seen personally was when i took my mom to King Soopers early morning senior citizens only grocery hour a week or so ago.The old people were exercising good social distancing in the long line to get in and about half wore masks long before it was recommended.Two teenagers[maybe young adults] walking through the parking lot start shouting and mocking the seniors that "the coronavirus is fake".the preacher in Tampa who twice flaunted orders not to congregate in groups of 10 or more should be charged with attempted mass murder and criminally negligent stupidity ...then there is trump....
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Denver, Colorado
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well it is kind of crazy, maybe hypocritical ,i was able to work some,,,one contractor i sub for has all jobs on hold but another had some work for me and is considered essential because it is a ROOFING and remodel company.The work i was doing had nothing to do with roofing though.I tried to minimize interacting with people.Sorry to people that just plain can't work..just trying to survive....was kind of disappointed to see alot of people out and about who did not seem to give a shit about well being of others as though completely clueless about the situation...we seem to be making some headway on flattening the curve or whatever. I worry these apathetic and callous boneheads are going to prolong the problem.
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