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Tin foil hats related to this change are just people trying to leverage FUD to suggest that someone made a terrible choice and the USA is doomed. I've seen this across the news in the last week. It's mostly right leaning people who don't like the idea and trying to use it as leverage to suggest the current guard is making terrible decisions. I'm glad restrac2000 provided the details above. It's really a non-issue and something that's been planned for a couple of decades. The sky is not falling nor is it going to fall because of this change.

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thank you

Thanks for providing clear information about this non-issue. I too am really tired of people not doing basic research or even bothering to educate themselves about issues at even a basic level. If you have any idea about how the internet works and has worked for years, this is a non-issue and a good thing for the future of the internet. Please get past the headlines and blog posts before posting silly statements.
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I don't know much about this particular issue,but there were multiple dead give aways that it was a right wing partisan source that influenced the OP ;

1) the use of "foreign " as a derogative

2) the assumption that the UN is automatically bad
3) kneejerk hostility to regulation
Did it ever occur to you that foreign management (apparently inaccurate anyway) might be better?Sweden has more protection of internet freedom than we do .That is why whistleblowers like Wikileaks operate from there.Is the internet American or International?What right do we have to control it?

The long-term right wing vilification of the UN is ridiculous ,IMO.Are there not problems of international scope that need to be addressed by multinational bodies?Are we the policeman and dictator of the world? I assert that the main problem with the U N is abuse of power by permanent members of the Security Council ,especially the US and Russia.China will likely abuse their's more as their power grows

Any institution or system that effects large numbers of people, and/or has the potential to be abused needs regulation.Our problem is that we 've allowed special interests to corrupt the regulatory process.They need to be cleaned up and measures that increase accountability and transparency put in place to ensure that they serve the long term public interest.
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It can be so hard to vet materials and sources when so much info floods our news feeds and inboxes. Even with best of intentions we still have the responsibility to at least do some basic research before forwarding alarmist information. Though FUD works best when people don't.

The way misinformation spreads is so disheartening. And I definitely stand by my condemnation of the overuse and concern of "balanced" and "two-sided" appeal. It's why we have the "teach the controversy" movement and things like intelligent design have equal treatment to evolution in science classes. Sometimes empirical facts are just blatantly one-sided.
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Are all you telling me that Al Gore doesn't own the internets any more? And now its being regulated and information is being controlled. No f-ing way...
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Isn't kayaking fun!
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Originally Posted by restrac2000 View Post
And I am tired of unvetted crap streams in the form of rumor, conspiracy and innuendo being presented as fact.
Ummm. You do realize you posted this on the Buzz, right?
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Yeah. This time it was fair game as it was eddied and took little time to fact check. Stuff like this is a pet peeve.
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