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Less Anxiety

Yall -

As you know, Amendment 44 would legalize possession of 1oz or less of marijuana by a person 21 or older in the State of Colorado. The most recent polls I’ve seen showed it pretty close, but failing, with 53% against it, 42% for it.

While it’s a little discouraging, it still means we have a chance to choose freedom over tyranny (a choice not often offered on the voting ballot).

What does this mean for you? It means that now might be the time to stop being such a wussy in regards to talking about this ballot issue. Isn’t it time you admit to your parents that you’re voting YES on Amendment 44? Isn’t it time to rationally discuss the finer points of this issue with them and convince them to vote YES? If not for their own adult ability to possess, then for liberty’s sake? Maybe you’re still too afraid of your parents or your boss or whomever you hide your secret from… Well, what about the neighbors? What about your quilting club? What about all the ladies in the office? Have you talked to your mechanic? Have you discussed this with your priest? How about your friendly neighborhood police officer? Your broker? Your chauffer?

You’ll be surprised who’s willing to be open minded.

Yes, I know there are other issues surrounding this Amendment… Federal Law would still be applicable, selling would still be illegal, use also remains illegal (but of course if a man smokes a joint in the woods and no one is there to see it, did he smoke it?)… But that’s not really the point.

The point is that you have the opportunity to inform others about their opportunity to lash out. To say, “We do it a little different up here. No harm, no foul”, just like a free citizenry’s laws should be. Even though this law (or lack thereof) obviously won’t turn Colorado into the “free range” it oughta be, it’s a start. And it’s a jab in the throat to all those who would trick us into paying to have each other locked-up (by private, contracted, for-profit prisons, mind you) for enjoying a plant whose effects are proven to be far less devastating than everyone’s favorite poison, alcohol. Imagine how many lives might literally be saved by this amendment, both in keeping otherwise good people out of prison (and it’s associated financial debt), and keeping the police available for actual crimes… And keeping the police’s trigger finger from itching (keeping in mind that you are still 200% more likely to be accidentally or inappropriately shot and killed by the police than you are to be killed by a terrorist).

This is far more important than whether or not we can carry some pot around with us. This is an opportunity to remind your government and your comrades in other states that the people of Colorado are in charge of Colorado. Not the criminals and war profiteers who inhabit our government buildings. Not the storm troopers with submachine guns and personnel carriers who are “just following orders” from those criminals. We are not the criminals. It’s time we remember that WE give the orders around here.

Sure, it’s just pot this time… But is it really? What it really is can be described like this:

“Shall there be an Amendment… to allow good, law abiding citizens the right to possess a substance less dangerous (and exponentially more productive) than alcohol for recreational use? Or should we continue the violence and intrusion by The Law into those good citizens lives for yet another for-profit scheme, forever and ever, until…?”.

This initiative was introduced to give you a chance to remind the government (and be reminded) that freedom is not granted by them.

Talk to your friends, tell them to talk to their friends. Talk to your enemies. Talk to people who can motivate even more people. Make some calls. Make a difference. Time is short. Turn the tide. Start now.

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What, troutbooger has nothing to say?
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choke, cough..... Dude, don't bogart than, huh huh uhuh... I sure am hungry.

I am a Libertarian, not a real Republikook.

The definition of a Libertarian that you guys can understand is: A Republican who thinks weed should be legal.

That definition glosses over quite a bit, but had to dumb it down a bunch.
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