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Jobs Programs for US

Conservatives by nature want to return to the glory days of the past, but realistically this is impossible. Liberals want to change for the future, but have been hamstrung by Tea Party ideas (now taken over by republicans) that big government is bad.

Conservatives have a valid point that 'big government' is inefficient and doesn't offer competitive incentives, but their Tea Party fiscal policies will be our doom. Their latest failure is the Vets job bill. By all statisitics we have unhealthy economic inequality and it is getting worse. This is bad for all, ultimately even the wealthy, because it is unstable. Occupy has been great to point out these issues, but are not likely to organize a political solution.

We are in a tough spot as a country, as has been pointed out by most, but I think solutions exist.

I think we need to apply the same government policies that have built the military/industrial complex (which conservatives love), but apply it to the countries infrastructure. We need a 'war' on decay and environmental destruction. We have great need for infrastructure imporvements. Our forests are dying while we watch the lumber decay. We can make damn good bridges out of lumber. This is just one example.

We need to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations (this is the wealth re-distribution part). We also need to break up and reform the financial sector (banks that are too big to fail are trouble). The government must then use this money by investing in public works projects and put people to work (the jobs part). But the difference from the 'New Deal' of Roosevelt, the work needs to take place in the private sector, not the public (aka government). In doing this, we must also remove those able workers from the government dole, and put them to work.

The way the military/industrial complex works is the governement creates solicitations for work they want done. These are then competiviely bid on. Then the winners do the work and are paid by the government.

Yes, I try to be a centrist; and Yes I tend to oversimplefy. Only by integrating conservative goals and liberal goals can we get out of this mess. We must tax the wealthy (this will hurt). We must put the able bodied to work (this will hurt for those on the dole). Government must get bigger, but become fiscally conservative (balance input with output). We must stop fighting and try to work together.

I am impressed with the quality of thought expressed by many on this forum, both consevative and liberal. I would challenge you to be constructive, rather than fall into the usual patterns of idealogical fighting. Thanks for listening.

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I am not sure using the MIC as a model is the best plan. Once something is created it has a way of prospering for its own sake. The MIC now works to make sure that it always has a purpose and a way to continue to make profits. Either by lobbying for more and more things or maybe pushing for conflicts to increase profits. If you build a jobs programs for infrastructure with this model, it will never stop.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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Yes, that is the intention. When I look at our workplace the traditional factory jobs have been replaced by machines or outsourcing. They won't be back. We need sustainable jobs that can't be outsourced or replaced by machines.
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