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Intellectual Dishonesty...

One of these political post mentioned intellectual honesty. It reminded me of an editorial in an issue of "The Week" recently. I think the last paragraph is something we all should read, print out, and remind ourselves about on a regular basis. Here, William Falk nails it.

"I am so confused." After years of steeping myself in a couple of hundred opinion columns a week, I'd thought I had a good grasp of where the Left and Right's leading lights stood on any given issue. But somebody seems to have switched the scripts. Conservative pundits who once disdained feminism are lauding Sarah Palin's heroism in pursuing a demanding career while raising five kids. Liberal feminists, meanwhile are suggesting that because of her unseemly ambition, Palin would either be an irresponsible absentee mom or a distracted vice president. Stranger still is the reaction to the out-of-wedlock pregnancy of Palin's 17-year old daughter, Bristol. Just yesterday, it seems, religious conservatives were denouncing the young, unmarried, and pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears as a symbol of all thatís gone wrong in our permissive, secular culture, and condemning her motherís terrible values. Now, in defense of the Palins, evangelicals are arguing that those things-oops!-happen in even the best of families. Meanwhile, the usually free-thinking Left is fulminating that Bristolís swelling belly sets a terrible example for the nationís impressionable youth.

Have we all fallen down some rabbit hole? One day, Republicans say a lack of political experience is a fatal flaw; Democrats say it frees you to see things anew. Now itís the other way around. Itís as if these strongly voiced opinions were simply debating points, chosen because they suited the circumstances-and candidates-of the moment. Could it be that intense partisanship unhinges us all, leading us to being with the conclusion we prefer, and then to reason backward to reach it? But that would be so intellectually dishonest, so Ö irrational. Surely, there must be some other explanation."
(emphasis is mine)


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