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Global Cooling?

Check out this article on sunspots... it's cold out there! Any of you rocket scientists out there believe in this stuff?

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A bit early to be predicting an ice age.
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics

"I think I handled my alcohol pretty well considering how drunk I was." -Cousin Dan
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Damn.. just as I was about to jump onboard the idea of pumping chemicals into the atmosphere to stop global warming you guys are telling me it's going to get cooler now?
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I know almost nothing about solar physics (actually, what I know can be summed up in a sentence: The sun is big burning ball of hydrogen, will become a big ball of burning helium, and then will consume the inner planets and burn out).

I'd seen that phenomenon discussed before, and there's just no way to predict. Telescopes capable of monitoring this stuff have only been around 300 years, and good ones (with good scientists) less than 150.

Therefore, the link between the data from the 17th century and the corresponding mini-ice age, can only be described as "anecdotal" to a statistician. You have one occurrence of each, occurring roughly simultaneously.

Given that the sun is a few billion years old (sorry, for those of you who believe the bible is absolute, it's about 5,000 years old, and dinosaurs are "jesus ponies"), we are at the absolute nascent of understanding its cycles and their consequence on our solar system.

To me it's more interesting to discuss what affect climate change (up or down) will have on societies, because they will affect food supply. If food supply became a tangible problem to the first world, war would almost certainly ensue.
"self-aggrandizing jackass" - it says it right on the label
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Well I had my global warming ark plans all laid out and now here comes a pesky ice age. I am going to design some skis onto the hull my ark so I will be prepared for either scenario.

If its global warming or global cooling one thing is scientifically obvious... the world is coming to an end! Run for your lives!

Don't come asking for reservations on my ark either... I'm all full, as its actually a touring kayak, but ark sounds like a better name for a craft to deal with an apocalypse.
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What does Nostradamus have to say about it? I mean, he pretty much invented alarmist journalism like the Daily Galaxy is spewing. But at least he made it somewhat interesting:
Century II Quatrain 74

From Sens, from Autun they will come as far as the Rhone
To pass beyond towards the Pyrenees mountains:
The nation to leave the March of Ancona:
By land and sea it will be followed by great suites.
I translate this to mean, "And the water will floweth and poureth over making a hole-eth that we shall windowshade-eth and swimeth in"
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Science Has No Clue

I love this stuff. Scientists obviously have no real idea. Either this place has been around for billions of years and our little vision of its history is so microscopic that we can't possibly make an informed prediction of its future or God simply has an awesome sense of humor. Either way scientist can't make up their mind weather we are going to burn to death or freeze. I guess they do agree that the earth is coming to an end though. Oh wait, so do the religious nuts.
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This would be nice in that it would offset the damage that the US, I mean, the humans are doing to our planet. I don't think I would start polluting or believe that global warming is now a non-issue, because it is. We should continue to use alternative energy and look to ways to cut back on our own carbon footprint.

To all you big truck/SUV drivers: I use to drive a Durango because I "needed 4 wheel drive." I have since sold my Durango and bought a VW Jetta wagon that has a diesel engine. I have been making biodiesel and running my car almost exclusively on waste vegtable oil converted to biodiesel for over a year. You don't need 4WD. My car is front wheel drive. With the addition of studded snow tires, I drive to all the ski resorts and have done a bunch of back country snowboarding without ever getting stuck. I didn't have a problem ever getting to the put-in this past year and can sleep in my car. My car gets 50mpg and just got the emissions testing done. My car had 0% opacity emissions until reaching speeds over 60 mph when the opacity reached 3% (35% is the max).

Try hard to be greeen, despite articles such as these.
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durango steve.... correct way to bitch about the environment while doing soemthing about it ^^^^^
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Johnny Water,

I honestly applaud your efforts. Can I ask by chance how many miles you drive your VW each year? Do you commute with the VW. Honestly not meant to be "gotcha" questions, just FYI.

I believe in doing "my part" to help out our environment. If we all take little steps, it can make a world of difference. I too used to poke fun at the SUV and truck drivers out there, until I chose to join the ranks in buying a Tacoma truck. That said, I camp in my truck and intend to do so ofversus making the round trip every day from the mountains, and I also pushed through a intitiative with my employer to allow me to work from home, thus saving even more gas. Days I don't work from home I take the bus. In other words, there are lifestyle choices that we can make that don't involve creating your own bio diesel or selling the truck. The person driving solo in there prius is no greater an ambassodor to the enviro movement than the telecommuting and bus riding truck owner. Changing our lifestlyles in a small way can make a big difference.

Again, what you've done with the car is damn cool. More people should do this, and more people should simply drive less!

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