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Getting in shape

Hey, river dogs.

This is only quasi river-related, 'cuz I want to get in slightly better shape for a Middle fork trip I'm doing later this summer. And impress my friends. And make new ones. Cuz I'm cut. While looking like I just started. Sort of.

I've been a swimmer all my life. Not in the sense you're thinking. Yes, I have swum through my share of whitewater, out of kayaks, rafts, SUPs and such, but I'm talking about competitive summer swim team and high school swimming.

So- I've been using the pool at the Y to get back into shape, and maintain a regular exercise regimen. With swimming about 1000 yards on average 3-4 mornings a week, I've been doing, well... just OK with my plan. I think my aerobic conditioning is pretty good, but I feel like I should introduce something else to accelerate my progress. My goals are simple: general muscle toning, with moderately achievable weight loss.

Anyone have ideas of simple weight programs I should introduce? Maybe body-weight type exercises? Go run my ass off? Paddle my SUP til it hurts? Gimme some ideas, please!

My legal disclaimer: I will hold no one here responsible if I f#@% myself up.

Thanks, buzzards.

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Boat more and get that summer swoll
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Are your eating and drinking habits reasonable? If not the best you can hope for is "fit fat" regardless of how much you work out. As for workouts, I spent some time in CrossFit and learned that while it's not perfect, especially for those of us with body part issues (shoulder in my case), it's extremely efficient. I've adapted that component of it and usually just pick a combination of moves that will give me a full body workout in a short amount of time. Just think push/pull. For example: Row 1k meters and do ten Pushups, ten Chinups and ten Hollow Rocks. Repeat while decreasing distance on the rower by 100 meters each round until you're done (1k plus the other moves, 900 plus the other moves.........). If that's a bit much decrease by 200 meters per round. Other excellent moves to incorporate are Kettle Bell Swings (damned near a full body workout if done correctly) Wall Balls, Medicine Ball Slams, Pullups, Burpees (lots of Burpees), Air Squats, Jump Squats, Jump Tucks, Russian Twists (really good one for boaters), Crunches, Side Planks, Flutter Kicks, Rack Position Kettle Bell Holds and Kettle Bell Farmer Carries. There are plenty others. Some of the above require basic equipment which the Y should have. Again, just pick four or five and combine while thinking push/pull and incorporate rowing or short sprints. You can do rounds for time, ladders (repeating rounds with descending number of reps until complete) or AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible in a given time period) to keep things fresh.
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