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Vail, Colorado
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Genocide/ Not or Internaltional Neglect???

Well, I am not sure how long this has to go on for until the International community decides to actually do something about instead of worrying about less important things going on in the world. Your thought?

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Golden, Colorado
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The UN should really consider passing a strenly worded resolution or two and maybe some sanctions or something. "No more Goat Manure exports unless you shape up." That worked so well with Saddam I don't know why it wouldn't work here. The UN... what a joke.

It seems the lesson learned in Iraq is there's nothing we can do on our own to stop the pychos in that part of the world from killing each other (they hate us and want us out) and the UN or the rest of the world has no interest in helping out.

I'd be interested in hearing what the left's solution to that problem would be since it seems if there is a solution, it should be applied to Iraq also.

America -World Police.. Fuck Yeah!
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the Left? They would fight a more sensitive and nuanced war
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I don't think Darfur is a left/right type of problem. There are a lot of different views amoung Republicans and Demoncrats on what to do. Some of the most conservative politicians support putting a strong effort to stop the genocide in Darfur because it's the right thing to do. A lot of liberals agree.

The trick is how to do it. Your solution depends on your view of the world. This is where having expertise and considering all the different angles is important.

Yes, it would probably be a mistake for the US to act on it's own. And we probably don't have the 30,000 troops it would take. A key to all this is to avoid this looking like an anti-Arab or anti-muslim campaign, which is what Sudan is trying to make it look like. In reality this is really just Muslim Arabs trying to take land from Muslim blacks.

The key is convincing some key Arab countries that stopping the genocide is the right thing to do. Once Sudan looses support from Arab countries, they will back down. But, Arab countries, like us, often look at things from a simple angle--the US and the world is against the Arabs.
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Vail, Colorado
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A too think that lack of action is not because of right wing/ left wing Republican/Democrat differences. I also agree that the US shouldn't attempt to "Liberate" anyone as they have done in the middle east at this point nor do I think the US would because we have NO economic interests there. As for the International Community "United Nations" They won't do sh%t unless the US steps in, which again we will not. We are too far spread out, we don't have the funds, nor the man power and, even though most US citizins agree to hault the genocide, we will NOT support yet another war at this time. We are too tired of all the bullsh%t as a whole. Obveously a hasy generalization on my behalf.
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