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excellent budget analysis


Note huge increase in spending after 911(obviously necessary) and the culprit programs-mostly democrat sponsored which passed house even though majority of repubs voted against...check the record.

Say what you want about heritage but facts are facts.

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Yeah, not sure Medicare Prescription Drugs entitlement qualifies as one of the "mostly democrat sponsored" programs. As I recall, a certain G Bush advocated that... (sure, dems were for it, but so was everyone). You do realize that the Republicans controlled congress since 1994 through 2007, right?

Seriously correct me if I'm wrong, but the "National Defense" figures do NOT include expenditures IN Iraq and Afghanistan for operations. I've heard that that measure does not. In which case, why is there a 65 percent increase in defense spending between 2001 and 2008? We haven't significantly increased our military in terms of service personnel. (Perhaps those figures do account for operations expenditures - otherwise, we're being robbed)

Considering the proportion of spending increase in billions in the category of National Defense and Homeland Security, when compared to the rest of the ledger, all other discretionary spending pales in comparison.

Good report, interesting facts, but your notion that the culprit is "mostly democrat sponsored" programs is hardly born out by the facts, unless you're viewing entitlement programs such as SS & Medicaid as "mostly democrat sponsored" which I think would be unctuous, at best.
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Originally Posted by mr. compassionate View Post

Say what you want about heritage
OK - the Heritage Foundation is blantant NeoCon propoganda.

Originally Posted by mr. compassionate View Post
...check the record.
Yes, lets:
'Besides, add conservative economists, small deficits are meaningless. Says Dan Mitchell, an analyst at the Heritage Foundation: "In a $10 trillion economy, blips in deficits or government spending are insignificant." '(2002)

Some government intrusion, carefully measured, is worthwhile if it saves lives, said Paul Rosenzweig, a senior legal research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research organization.
"The risk is worth it if it's going to be used in a narrow range of circumstances that are most significant," he said. Overusing digital tools could create a police state, but ignoring them runs the risk of surrendering the war on terrorism, Rosenzweig said. (2002)

Ultimately, the only way to be certain of removing weapons of mass destruction from Iraq is to remove Saddam Hussein's regime from power.(2002)

In the event that Saddam is overthrown, the Iraqi people will be the biggest winners. They suffered under his leadership after he invaded Iran in 1980 and fought a very bloody war. He also invaded Kuwait a decade later and fought another one.
They have been extremely oppressed over the past 11 years and, ultimately, they will reap the benefits of liberation, just as the Afghan people benefited from the fall of the Taleban.(2002)

"The premise that in a time of necessity the president could disregard [torture conventions] is definitely a more aggressive approach," says legal expert Paul Rosenzweig of the Heritage Foundation in Washington. (2004)

Yeah, they know how to pick 'em.

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Originally Posted by mr. compassionate View Post
Note huge increase in spending after 911(obviously necessary)
Yeah, if we didn't spend all of that money on military action in the wrong parts of the world the people who made an economic attack on the US would never have made such an impact!

Osama is laughing his ass off as we fall further into economic meltdown. He just thought that he'd blow up the Trade Center and hit us in the wallet a little. We ended up pulling the knife from our leg and stabbing ourself in the eye!
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The Federal Pie Chart
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