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Election results indicate people are cynical?

I interpret the recent election results that people are cynical of government. Government rarely seems to affect people short term (except with wars and health insurance). Life is pretty hard and often unfair. Government really can't do much about it and shouldn't do much.

Long term, abstract issues don't motivate people to vote one way. Issues like education, corporate tax policy, health insurance, constraining money in politics, building mass transit, climate change are too abstract and long term to motivate people to vote one way.

It probably comes down to trust. Issues are too complicated. We just vote for the person we understand and feel most comfortable with.

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pnw, Colorado
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A 2014 Midterm Election Post-Mortem: The Democratic Party Will Not Solve Our Problems | The Dissenter
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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i think what it told us is that if you come in and spend all your time tearing something down, not offering any plausible alternatives, and your opponent doesn't do anything to define or stand up for themselves, then with with a bunch of billionaire money behind you, you can actually persuade enough of the american people that you deserve to govern.

I can't believe that after years of slamming cory gardner, the lackys at the denver post endorsed him with no consideration of his record, just the fact that he was letting crossroads gps be the bad guy and he was all mister moderate and smiles.

the democrats, as they have so often done in my lifetime, hid from their core principles, let themselves be defined by the teabaggers, and let people believe that they were the reason for the gridlocked congress. oh yeah, and they forgot to motivate their base while they were cowering while faux news was playing. only 12% of voters nationwide were under 30. here's the graph that says it all.

the fact that anti-abortion initiatives failed soundly, minimum wage raises won in solid red states, drug laws were loosened, and gun control passed tells you that republican causes aren't as popular as the republicans crowing about their "support" think. too bad the dems didn't have the cajones to publicly embrace any of these long time core values. when the republicans start working to privatize social security, cut medicare, scrap obamacare, gut the epa, give away or sell off the country to their rich puppetmasters, and push the real republican agenda, we'll see how the 'merican people react and how popular they are.

hopefully the republicans will start pushing for all that well before the 2016 election when a bigger share of the electorate shows up at the polls.
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Is it coincidence the 5 (all) of the two term presidents in the last 60 years have had to face a congress majority of the opposite party?

Obama faces typical late-term curse: A hostile Congress
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Well, it was pretty clear to me early on that the Republicans would take control of Congress. 6 years of lousy economic news made the outcome pretty much a forgone conclusion.

What amazed me is that even now, the Democrats are finding blame; Pelosi made some noise about Democratic voters not voting (Oh, but they did; with their feet).

The reality is that when times suck, those in power get bounced.

So what happens now? Schutzie has his crystal ball out; this is his prediction for the next 18 months;
1) Against all advice and threats, Obama will give amnesty to illegal immigrants and the Republicans will foam at the mouth. I mean, at this point what does he have to loose?
2) Congress will pass a load of legislation, most of it carefully crafted so that Obama will almost be forced to veto it. Republicans will foam at the mouth.
3) The economy, led by increasing debt, will continue to limp along.
4) There will be a terrorist attack on US interests. It may or may not be on US soil, and likely not be as devastating as 9/11, but it will be bigger than the Cole or the US embassy attacks.
5) Democrats and Republicans will trip over each other blaming "the other party" for the attacks.
6) Obama will publicly order air strikes in the desert that will result in spectacular fireworks, but have little impact on the terrorists.
7) Obama will privately order the SEALS, Rangers and Green Berets to get out there and stop that shit.
Congress and Obama will continue to be uncooperative; they will continue to blame each other.
9) It is almost a forgone conclusion that in 2016 we'll have a Republican President and a Republican Congress. Democrats will foam at the mouth.
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Uzbekibekistanstan, Mississippi
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All of these elections come down to a very small group of independent voters. I personally, don't think that independent voters are well informed, generally. The differences between the parties are very stark, and it's not as if there are any nuances. Basically what I'm saying is the independent block is a band of idiots that washes like water in a boat from one side of the ideological spectrum to the other in the midst of our current political storm. If one side seems unsuccessful, well hell.... go to the other side. At least the god damned TEAbaggers chose a side (no matter how moronic) and stick with the principles. These "undecided" voters don't even understand the side they pick, other than it's not the folks in power. American leaders are being elected by a narrow band of idiots and another band of principled idiots on the right.
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Old Guy in a PFD
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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So Outlaw, are you saying Obama was elected twice by a narrow band of idiots and another band of principled idiots on the right?
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Uzbekibekistanstan, Mississippi
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Yes I am... the principled idiots voted against him, the "independents" voted for him-against Bush, and the Democrats voted for him. Really, the people who decide elections in this country are the narrow band of non-principled idiots who veer from party to party, not based on conviction, but based on who they perceive to have fucked them over the most recent time.
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Denver, Colorado
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yeah the fickle undecideds who think they are all the same, with a throw all the bums out /anti incumbent mindset ,who don't do their homework are having an impact on election results...this cycle the repubs turned out their base ...the dems sucked even worse than most midterms and distanced themselves from Obama in a way that played TO the republican narrative that Obama is much worse than he really is,because his poll numbers are at 40- 45%... the repubs in congress are around 20% favorability ,yet the exact type of repubs that are least popular win a bunch of seats ...the American electorate and Democratic strategists flunked another IQ test....
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Denver, Colorado
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OK Schutzie It' s more like;

6 years of slow gradual economic improvement mostly benefitting the already well off...not much of a campaign slogan,but better than the"lousy " economy that is portrayed.Instead of losing jobs rapidly we are gaining modestly but consistently,the market is high though a volatile rollercoaster,deficit spending has been reduced significantly,we are producing more domestic energy,etc

The dems had crappy turnout...guess you could look at it your way

The reality is that when times are perceived as crappy presidents get blamed for even more than is their fault.This goes both ways but Obama has been victim of it more than is normal.

1)probably but if congress passes a bill it will override any executive order

2)never agreed with you more

3)sort of a fast limp...debt will increase,but at slower rate than under repubs and for better reasons...could be dealt with better if taxes could be raised on capital gains and inheritance

4)somewhere between maybe and probably...Europe should be more worried...I often think the affluent semi westernized enclaves in Gulf states are likely targets,like Dubai ,Doha,Bahrein,or Abu Dabbi...

5) probably...ok near certainly

6)they will slowly erode ISIS/ISIL/asshole's capabilities...overdoing it will just help their recruiting new jihadis....these increased advisors may/will help Iraqi ground forces and Syrian resistance,but that has so much potential for mission creep ( if we are not already in it too deep )
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