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Colin Powell attempts to redeem himself

Colin Powell was used by BushCo to falsely sell the Iraq War. They cynically used a "good soldier" who had broad public credibility to pitch an array of falsehoods. When Powell realized he had been used, he chose not to expose BushCo. He quietly played the good soldier and kept his anger to himself. Now, with his endorsement of Obama, Powell has managed to repudiate BushCo and the complicit GOP for the disrespectful way they used him to sell a lie. Being a good soldier, Powell has told the GOP to "bugger off" without overtly saying that.

It's my belief that Powell is trying to salvage his damaged reputation in a discrete manner with this endorsement. I hope that his support for Obama will nudge some independent fence-sitters.

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I used to think Powell knew what he was doing as well. I also find it hard to believe that at the time with his experience with Iraq over the years and his ability to be able to request any kind of intel that he would have needed to do his job that he went in front of the UN in the first place let alone wait til Bush was up for re-election before quiting. I think he has become part of the political establishment and seeing that he has advised both Obama and McCain he is doing nothing other than looking for a job.
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Here's a little montage of Powell making the case for his endorsement of Obama. Pretty compelling for a job seeker, if that's all he is...
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Yeah, I find the cynicism about Powell disappointing.
When remembering the lead-in to the Iraq war, remember that all major intelligence agencies in the world believed Saddam either had stockpiles of WMD, or (and/or) had secreted away production capability to resume making them quickly. All of them believed that. And it was a reasonable belief based on history.

It's possible to be sincere and make a mistake. That someone would assert this tarnishes one's honor, despite a long and distinguished record of public service, is anathema to me.
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Colin Powell

I have always liked Colin Powell. However, I will say that I was not happy with Colin Powell’s leadership for getting us in the ware in Iraq. I am not sure if he really believed in this, or if he, as a good soldier, was railroaded by Bush, Cheney and Rummy. With that said, the PBS Frontline Documentary on Bush’s War, gives us some insight on that situation. FRONTLINE: bush's war | PBS
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When it was decided that Powell would be the person to deliver the UN show-and-tell charade ("You've got high poll ratings; you can afford to lose a few points," Cheney told him) , the administration neocons gave him a script full of outright distortions and unsubstantiated claims authored by "Scooter" Libby. Powell rejected the most outrageous hyperbole, and insisted that any "intel" attributed to Chalabi be discarded.

While Powell and his chief of staff Col. Larry Wilkerson tried to discard the most egregious, unsubstantiated bullshit shoveled on them by Cheney, Hadley and Libby, Powell nevertheless went before the UN and made assertions that were based on raw intelligence and uncorroborated suppositions.

"In fact, Secretary Powell was not told that one of the sources he was given as a source of this information [the mobile 'bioweapons' labs] had indeed been flagged by the Defense Intelligence Agency as a liar, a fabricator," says David Kay, who served as the CIA's chief weapons inspector in Iraq after the fall of Saddam.

In the end, Powell decided to trust Tenet's crappy intel and the flawed conclusions that were reached from it. He played the "good soldier." He was betrayed by the administration neocons who hated him.
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I agree with Dgosteve and Helio. Powell has always carried himself as a man of integrity. Bush and his masters (cheney, rummy, etc) likely gave him enough information to feel that he had a grasp on the situation.

Powell originally opposed the second invasion of Iraq. He felt that the US could drive the point home through trade restrictions.

Even as a man of integrity, I believe, Powell was primarily a 'good soldier' his job is to support his commander in chief. After the fiasco of Chalibi providing much 'intel' coming to light Powell looked like an ass for his presentation to the UN complete with pictures, renderings etc. I would imagine that eventually his own integrity rose above his loyalty to the military and he quit.

While the current administration has made an abortion of foriegn policy in the past 8 years it doesnt mean that EVERYONE associated with it is a criminal. I see Powell's endorsement of Obama as a two pronged strategy; first being a giant F*** you! to the admin that made him look bad, and secondly a way to come to terms with his decisions as Secretary of State. I dont agree that it was a career move, he is a very smart man and is doesnt need to kiss ass.

It is a shame that of all the powerful military men in our country t we ended up with Mcain( who was endorsed by Powell in 2000) as a canidate. We would have done way better with Powell. With the exception of likely being misled by his superiors his record of integrity and service has been pretty spectacular.

I would imagine that we can all agree that it will be nice to see the end of dirty media ads from both sides in just 14 short days!

Word up!

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Colin Powell is certainly someone you'd like to believe,still I have a hard time believing he didn't know the intel was cooked.UNSCOM and the IAEA were major intelligence agencies who said Saddam didn't have WMD's or significant capability of reconstituting them,but that he wasn't fully compliant with the inspections.The UN wasn't adequately enforcing it's resolutions.The Bushies wanted harsh enforcement ;war/regime change.Others including Powell wanted a response proportional to his cat and mouse games ;more sanctions and inspections.Bush and the American right had lost their patience with both Saddam and the UN.I remember the dumfounded looks on the UN delegates faces,sighing and rolling their eyes,when Powell prefaced his speech with US is the greatest champion of freedom rhetoric while selling a war they had hoped he was trying to prevent.I could forgive him if he came clean.I think he was used to some degree and that they ,Rummy and Cheney,frequently ignored/overruled his good advice including the Powell doctrine itself.
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I choose to believe that Powell's sense of duty to his commander in chief, while completely unwarranted in my estimation, drove his decision to not dig even deeper into the flawed and cherry-picked "intel" that he presented to the world. In my mind he remains an American of honor and dignity. Too bad McCain has failed to live up to those high standards.
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