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Chunderboy Found?

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Indian Hills, Colorado
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OK TB, here's the deal: It's great that you're sharing your thoughts about whatever the fuck is on your mind with the Colorado boating community. At one time this was a Colorado Whitewater Forum, not some clusterfuck political my views are more logical than your views.

The Moutainbuzz Chunderboy, aka Max died doing what he loved in 2003. At that time, the majority of mbuzz rants were about paddling in colorado, Max's epic tales were on the order of the Iliad.

I mean you minimal disrespect, but mountainbuzz is a colorado whitewater forum. If you have something useful to share about whitewater, by all means please share it. But from now on, I think we'd all appreciate it if you'd fuck off on the OT shit.
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Sorry, I had no idea he passed away and meant no disrespect. Admins, could you please remove this thread.
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Can the "Most Recent Topics" box be recoded so that it does not include threads which are started by TB?
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Golden, Colorado
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Hey Bobber,
I'm sure you feel bad about this. You didn't know he was dead so you didn't do anything wrong. You probably saw some of his past posts and realized how hysterical he was. Who knows, he might even think this is funny.
As punishment you have to post some paddle related threads.
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It doesn't seem like three years have passed. The good ole' days are a lot older than I remember. Chunderboy defined the MB rant.
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Open mouth, insert boot....again. Just give it up.
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salida, Colorado
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the fact that he went out and tried to find him shows a glimpse of his character... his posts show the rest...also it shows how he doesn't read peoples opinions with an open-mind
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Hey Bobber, do you even have a boat and get out on rivers?

Or do you just come over here to piss folks off with political stuff? Is that how you get your kicks? Isn't the internet amazing - you can sit in Atlanta and get a reaction out of a bunch of "durned libruls" out in Colorado. Well, that's a pretty pathetic pastime, if you ask me. Its what's called a "Troll" in 'Net parlance. And whaddaya know, "Trolling" is one of your interests according to your profile. When I see the kind of crap you post it typically makes me think of a 13-yr old kid who has no other way to empower himself and feel good, other than pushing people's hot-buttons. The same kind of kid that would taunt a dog behind a fence, you know. Pretty friggin sad....

I don't think I've ever seen even ONE of your posts that was associated with boating. The closest you've come is mentioning getting outdoors on the Appalachian Trail. That's great, and I commend you for it, and maybe there are some hiking and backpacking forums where you can talk about something you actually DO besides spouting your politics to a bunch of whitewater boaters and backcountry skiiers 1500 miles from where you actually live.

I remember the day I heard about Max getting killed and how, even though I'd only read his posts here on the Buzz, I was saddened throughout the day. He'd been a part of this online community and there were plenty of folks that knew him from boating with him posting rememberences throughout the few days that news spread. You didn't know what you were posting about but TB, you sure stuck your foot in it this time.

You've sure got me looking forward to the new Mt. Buzz software that will have the "ignore user" feature....
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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