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Any suggestions on where to buy a mountain home?

Unfortunately I live on the Front Range. No fun, but that's where the job is.

I want to get a nice mountain home to go for the weekend. Anyone have suggestions?

I want to be within 90 minutes of Denver. I'm definitely not the Vail type. Dillion is way too crowded.

BV would be great, but it's a bit far. I'm afraid I won't make the drive. I very much like the new urbanism idea of BV since I don't want to contribute to destroying the wilderness. Perhaps a cabin isn't that bad as long as I don't cut down trees or put in a 3 car garage.

I'd love to buy the dream house on Bailey and let kayakers put in from my driveway.

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Check out Wilderness in Silverthorne. Houses below Buffalo Mtn. Lots of deals to be had and maybe Will Rawlstrom can find you your dream home.

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If you're looking for a cabin w/in 90 minutes of the frange maybe Montezuma would be an option for you. A Basin very close, B/C out your door, X-C as well and great biking.

Lots can be had for 150-200K in town. You wouldn't need to build a huge monstrosity to fit in there, most of the homes are modest and its possibly the last bastion of small town life in Summit County. I know of 2 that will be coming on the market this spring.

If you're looking for a great condo - townhome with convenient access to all the ski areas, the bike path, restaurants/bars, and hiking then Frisco is a good bet. Frisco is very walkable and has great free bus service to skiing.

Wildernst would be a another option. Less expensive. Denser, not as friendly for a pedestrian/ free bus lifestyle.

If you're a 285 driver, Fairplay / Park County could work. Much less spendy, good access to Arkansas, not so central to skiing. I've got a 3 bed 2.5 bath on 2 acres w/ privatre fishing rights on two stocked ponds and tarryall creek for $127,900.

If you want some more info let me know. To do some searching of your own check out
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i hate to be a jerk, but its getting very frustrating watching all these ppl buy property up here,raising the cost of living for ppl that actually live and work up here, just so they can have a house for a couple weeks out of the year. i understand u dont want to have to rent a place everytime u visit, but when are ppl gonna actually care about the other ppl that they are affecting. example buene vista is a great little MTN town, but the ppl that actually live and work here can barely afford to buy property up here,there is not a strong enuff econmoy up here (its basically a 3 month economy(summer))and all these new trophie homes that are being built are NOT helping our economy. sure they help the contractors and real estate agents that live up here. but when u rarely visit , u dont buy anything up here, u rarely go out to eat, and in general , u dont spend any money up here. now i know that its just the way of things, but its just sad that ppl never think about how their purchases are affecting other ppls lives, i mean $225 for a double wide trailer up here, thats just ridiculous, and thats because the land the trailer sits on is worth 3 times the home if someone comes in and builds a monster home on it. IF u dont live and work up here, try renting , hotel rooms, or if u really are out-doorsy , try camping. and again, im not trying to be a jerk, just speakin my mind.
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Karn-king, no offense taken. I kind of understand your position.

My neighbor added to his house, it's a drag for me.

But, we both have a right to live in BV or whereever. And the new urbanism is about as good as you can do it. BV is a tourist town.

Please have pity on me for having to live in Denver to make money.
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Not the "Vail type". What is the Vail type?
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Durango, Colorado
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I'm gonna have to side w/ karn-king

It really sucks that you have to live in Denver to make the bucks, but it is getting increasingly impossible for honest blue-colllar folks like myself to afford more than a trailer in a park these days. It would be nice to see the second/third home ownership curtailed a bit. I know it's your right being an American and all, but you're literally screwing those of us that don't have a 6 figure salary out of any opportunity to afford a decent home to raise our children in. Maybe you should just make the commute and camp on the weeekends like the rest of us. No disrespect meant.
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No offense meant here as well, but I don't think that some of the people in small towns understand how the economy works. These towns you're talking about basically rely upon tourism to fuel their economy otherwise they would still be ranching and mining towns. I grew up in Yampa outside of Steamboat Springs where the local economy was comprised of the mines, the railroad, ranching and hunters in the fall. There was one restaurant and that was about it and we had the lifestyle that some people here talk about. The reason Steamboat is growing and a cool place is actually because of the tourism and money brought there by outsiders. It doesn't sound quite right when people talk about how they love to live in these towns like Vail, Breck and Summit County, but don't like the people that actually help make it that way. To me it's a form of jealousy. These people that buy homes there and visit usually don't just have money given to them to do this, they've made some sort of sacrifice at some point. You have the choice to move to smaller towns. The same blue collar jobs exist there as well. I live in Denver now and am always suprised when people declare turf and animosity in the mountain towns when most likely they're not originally from there and end up there because they were visiting, which doesn't matter anyway. (I know that most of it is ribbing which is funny) It depends on how you look at the world as to whether or not it's unfair. Take control of yours. Again, a different point of view.
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Please have pity on me for having to live in Denver to make money.
Yeah, I've got pity on someone who's buying a second home!? Some of us only wish we had it so well, dude.
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Pro's and con's. Everywhere you go and live you will find them both. How you deal with and accept this reality is what will make your life better.

Basil, BV is a great mountain town, and the drive is not that bad. If you like to paddle, mtn bike, fly fish, hike, ski, snowmobile, skateboard, or just enjoy incredible scernery then BV is great.

Good luck with your search.
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