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ski/kayak bum
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so i happened to be in vegas last night which coincided with the show and i also happened to be staying in the mandalay bay hotel. the attitude was amazing. i tried to have a few convos and the "i'm better than you because i'm in the "industry" attitude" came through from almost all. it was pretty shitty....i've come to the point where i believe that there are a bunch of those folks who dont really love skiing but love the idea of being cool because they ski/board and have forgotten how much fun skiing is. it really is sad. i think the show was a reflection of the way these sports have been headed. headphones over the ears/fashion statement/how good do i look. what's funny is the parallels to the fur wearing women of aspen, there to be seen. i'm actually beginning to like the starter jacket/jeans set of people who come from oklahoma/texas because at least they are out there having fun!!! maybe i'm just getting old (25yrs) so please feel free to flame away...........


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ski/kayak bum
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weird....not wierd...sorry
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Gapers are at least keepin it real! I hear what you are saying. I was working on the mountain the other day, and this group of kids came out, they were all in their full orange camo baggy matching 2 piece suits with bandanas over their face, a'la Shaun White. Anyways, I kept seeing them come by, and they kept stopping and adjusting their bandanas over the face, then would check the one on the back pocket, make sure it was secure... I mean COME ON just ride!!!
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Avon, Colorado
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I hear ya ! Had someone i just met that day make fun of my black ski pants the other day. "I would never buy a pair of black pants...they aren't remotely cool"
Its all a fashion show these days. Where have the CB & Nevica jackets gone!!
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I guess I'm hopeless cause I think I look damn good with my crampon shreded ski pants and tree branch ripped ski jacket from 10th grade. Top it off with some duct tape and I'd say I'm the coolest cat on the mountain.
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We're in good shape for style points because now they're making BLACK duct tape - it goes with anything!
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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I'm right 50% of the time
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well it's that time of year again... X-Games...Twas fun for a few years and now is so old I can't even tell ya. Ya, I'll go to the silly industry party for the free booze and music and will probably drink a lot of beer and then pee on the fence going up the side of the half pipe with 2000 people watching and while 1/2 million people watch on TV, BUT really I'm over IT. give me back the little town without all the attitude. Well, give me back the snobbery and "I'm made of money" attitude that Asspen is all about. I can not take the snow sports all about cool attitude from everybody that comes to this event. I'm going up the backside into McFArlanes Bowl for a few days so don't even look for me. Ya people come from all over to see this spectacle (even my friends) so I'm going to try to enjoy. peace
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The ski industry has attitude? Come on, since when is a sales job not driven by ego. Especially when it invloves sports. The ski industry is composed of 50% douche bags and 50% cool people. About 40% of the cool people have to put up their ego shield as well, to fend off the ego maniaces. That leaves about 10% of the people, that you would actually want to hang out with. This has been going on for years. Same goes for "Ski Models". These might be the biggest losers on the hill. They are usually good but not great skiiers and riders, and only enjoy face shots in front of a camera. Count your blessings, though. If all these people really skiied/rode there would be that many more people fighting for good lines and fresh turns. Keep it real.
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Well said...let the posers pose. Just let them do it out of the way. And it never fails to make me chuckle..the people that think they're so sweet because they sell shit. "I want to sell shit when I grow up!" Whatev.
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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