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Old 03-27-2006   #1
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Why, Brocoliboy, why?

Why does brocoliboy keep bumping sweet-ass picks off the home page with the same lame-o, close-up, flat-ass tele shot? It seems to have become a horrible addiction. Please....PLEASE seek some help.

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Old 03-27-2006   #2
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WhatÂ’s with snowboarder wearing a helmet on a blue square, cruiser run?

Stay gay!!
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I'm right 50% of the time
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The question was, do you like photos or not?

Come on John D...have some respect. As it is, I think you got called out last week on over amping a shot

We are here to have fun, not insult or degrade. BB does post some shots that are slightly sub-par. But calling him gay is a pathetic attempt to glorify yourself and your "cheated" shots.

Respect gets respect. If you keep skiing like in your pics, I hope ya have good life Ins, if not, can I take out a policy on you?
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Old 03-27-2006   #4
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Seriously. Its about time someone mentioned this. Its like the cooler the picture, the quicker he covers it up. I think he should be banned. He's obviously abused his picture posting privlege. Its not supposed to be a personal photo album. How bout Brocoliboy goes to snapfish or something. If I see another one of his gay ass pictures I may puke on my keyboard.
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Old 03-27-2006   #5
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Anybody know of any Colorado paddling sites? This one isn't what it used to be. Hey lets just ban tele pics in general, lets also ban play boating pics, snowboarding is gay right?, lets ban that too. Hey lets ban any pics that are not first decents, hey lets ban not saying the word gay when someone thinks something is uncool, hey lets ban front rangers from posting, hey lets ban. . . . . hey heres an idea lets ban me!

I'm out!!!
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Old 03-27-2006   #6
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That's cool that b-boy is posting pics of east vail, but what he calls cdc (charlie's death chute) and what I know is cdc are two totally different lines. What ever, riders out there are calling lines by the wrong names for a few years now (must be a new local or first timer in Evail). It is not like east vail is some type of secret. Lifrties at the top of 22 have been known to count 200 plus skiers hiking up to benchmark on a day. Oh well-just another guy having some good fashion pow fun. B-boy If you start posting pics of the real east vail chutes and not yo-yo bowl (marvins) then shit is going down-just joking have fun and be safe, we are due for an accident out there. It has been a few years.
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Old 03-31-2006   #7
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I would agree that most (some are pretty cool) of BB's pics are boring. That is why I am getting into the picture posting game. Quit bitching and start posting.

BB please no more inbounds shots, this is a backcountry site.
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Old 03-31-2006   #8
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Eagle County, Colorado
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Agreed, less bitching, more posting of cool shit...with maps...
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Old 03-31-2006   #9
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East Vail, Colorado
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OK,OK....my photos are lame, improperly title(CDC), redundant, and sub-par. I get the idea here folks....I'll discontinue posting. Sorry to cause a fuss. PEACE T
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Old 03-31-2006   #10
Wydaho, Idaho
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Sweet, no more lame tele pics to look at, I have enough myself! Nice photo ToddG.
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