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Originally Posted by milo View Post
....1st-put yourself on a REAL mtn.....2nd-get down and dirty with yourself(use your throttle)....3rd-don't rely on deep snow(most areas ski too slow with 20+).....4th-rely on gravity, get your ass into something steep(then you'll get face hits with minimum pow.......tomorrow will be epic even if we get 8" cauz we've got the goods.....MONARCH is flatter than a 3rd grader.....have fun with 20+ there!!!......CB mtn kicks corn hole period......throttlemaster420cb
CB is a great mountain, if you can get there on a powder day. I had one fantastic day there last season (early), but with the weather it took over 4 hours to get there just from Salida.
With 20"+ you won't find me inbounds at Monarch - more likely on Taco or Waterdog.
I don't think 8" makes an epic day anywhere - even CB.

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Bluebird... 20+" loaded, 40 deg slope +, my bro, sleds, and good stability....


It is somewhere about half way between Monarch and Butte..

And I am leavin now - I will be there in about 45 min!!!
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Originally Posted by 1whitewattafoo View Post
Really it's JUST over the pass. what do you mean by saying JUST OVER THE PASS?? if you are travelin from denver to CB then you would consider it just over the pass. if you are from Salida it seems from my non-college degree havin' ars standpoint that your trip would triple in length.
It's all relative, what's another hour+ when you are met with the terrain of CB? wink, wink. But seriously, those of us that are fortunate enough to live in this great state all have our version of epic, the ingredients usually consist of fresh powder, the beautful scenery, thin crowds, and friends that understand there are no friends on a powder day. Today looks like a nice one, do some turns for me!
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CB is another hour and a half from Monarch. Its 45-60 mins between M'narch and Gunny, and 30ish between Gunny and CB.

And I'm sorry, when CB has good snow, no ski area in this state except Silverton can touch it. Not a friggin chance. Dead End, upper 3rd, and Spellbound Cliffs can't be beat when theres 2 feet of snow out, not by anything or anyone in this state.

............and I was under the assumption "epic" meant "BOTTOMLESS THIGH DEEP" on Breckenridge's Chair 6........thats what I was told earlier this year.....
"Don't f$&@ing eddy out, just run it! Whaddya doin??" -LMyers
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Ok we need some pics from "epic" days... Also I am sittin here watin with the sleds loaded and need something to do while I wait...

This one in late Dec of this year was not bad..

This sunset as I was makin my way over the pass solo at dark was "epic"..

This set of trees was "epic" a couple of weeks ago..

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Wolf Creek a couple of weeks ago when they got 45inches in 48 hours and weekeday skiing was pretty epic for me.
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Wolf Creek Closing Day in 99. 7ft in 36 hours. They plowed cat tracks through the flats and you still had to bomb everything. Scary when you endo'd into the powder.

Highland Bowl the day after a storm. Preferably weekday, bluebird, a couple friends. Opens as you get off the lift. Hike is boot packed by patrol and they are just finishing up as you get to the top. The flag is flying "EPIC", and it truly is. (as a side, whenever highlands patrol fly's the flag on the peak, it is well deserved)
Claimer: Someone that makes a claim that they have been there and done that, can do anything you can do better than you. I hate "claimers"
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EPIC - When I saw "every person in colorado" skiing at Vail on the last powder day.
Big Da
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Hahahaha, true.

I will say that epic can be first chair at Vail on a powder day as you move accross the bowls, everything to your east untracked as you make your way over, everything to your west gobbled up by front rangers who got there a little bit after you, and are nipping at your heels...
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"Epic" came to mind on Friday the 13th while floating on 2% moisture snow at Monarch under blue skies...on my birthday.
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epic snowtalk

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