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Snowbird/Alta 14 82.35%
Brighton 2 11.76%
Solitude 1 5.88%
Park City 0 0%
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UTAH!!! please help if you know anything.

Outside of skiing I don’t know any thing about Utah and the Salt Lake area. I basically just have general questions:

What’s the best ski resort as far as terrain and snow conditions? I’m thinking of working for Snowbird or Alta.

What are the chill areas to live, that are affordable?

Jobs? I’m a ski tech at a shop here where I live so I’m figuring I could score a job at a shop there, but I’m doubting that would give me the hours I ideally would want. Obviously, a gig that aloud me to work in the evenings would be best. You of anything?

What is Salt Lake City like? Is there a night life there, such as bars? Is it hard to meet people, particularly other skiers?

If there is anything else that you think a 23 year old right out college should know about Salt Lake, please don't hesitate to include.

That’s what I’ve got so far… I'll definitely have more questions.


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Old 03-12-2006   #2
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Denver, Colorado
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Snowbird and Alta are definetly the best. But on a good powder day or just to avoid the crowds solitude is siiiick...brighton can be to, but there isn't too many steeps.

Housing is pretty cheap, particularly on the west side, but that puts you away from the mountains. But generally some of the college type rentals around the U are decent and the peeps are fun up there. Otherwise the old school suburbs.

Night life isn't too bad, but it does suck to go to places if you have friends in town. It takes a membership for any bars (unless they serve food too, which then means you can just go right in) and then you have to get guest passes and pay for them(sometimes) for your homies. There is however, a pretty kickin' music scene.

The true evil is not the 3.2 beer...since that's what our supermarkets have here too. in the liquor stores there you can get normal beer, the problem is that it's taxed pretty bad and then the liquor stores are all owned by the state and generally close at 7. Although i know of two in SLC proper that are open till 10p.

Drawback- a pass will cost you an arm and a leg if your not workin' at the resort.

you'll meet tons of skiers, most of whom rip harder and more often than anyone in any other state...plus they're usually sick powder skiiers...after all, if you regularly get two foot overnight dumps with bluebird days, you'd be pretty damn good at runnin laps. (my dad sends me photos about once a week of epic ski days! Oh it hurts!)

I don't know what the job scene is, but it seems like it's not like the NW where everyone is unemployed. As for workin' nights tunin' at a ski shop, good luck.

A 23 yr old movin' there, you should know that your female selection will drastically be reduced unless you plan on dating mormons and they decide to break with their faith. There's tons of eye candy, but not too many compatible mates. But if you have to be anywhere in Utah SLC isn't a bad place to be. The momo influence isn't too hefty (course i'm saying this as a kid raised in small town utah)...you just gotta' learn to roll with it.

Anyway, got any questions I've lived there and my bro does now.
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Old 03-13-2006   #3
Avon, Colorado
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As far as Clubs....goto Trails II on State Street. One of the best strip (pasties) clubs anywhere and thats coming from Atlanta. $7 pitchers, no cover, no hassles and some of the prettiest Jack Mormons anywhere!!
Love that place.
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Don't move to SLC. If your Mormon, maybe. SLC sucks. The skiing is amazing, probably the best snow in the west. But, the city sucks. Move to Colorado. You can always drive to Utah in a few hours, or to Wyoming in a day. There are more ski towns in Colorado, and it's a party, always. I don't mean to trash those who live in SLC, but come on, admit it, there is just to much red tape. What's the deal with becoming a member if you want to drink, give me a break.
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Old 03-13-2006   #5
Avon, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1997
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Amen Griff....wouldn't move there unless i had to.
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I grew up in UT and this is my first season in CO. The previous posts seem to reflect the fundamental differences I have noticed between the ski scene here vs. the ski scene there. Utah skiers are there to ski. Colorado skiers as a general rule are here to party and live the skiing lifestyle. Not dissing on anyone, but the Utah skiers in general are a lot more devoted to the sport, and the Colorado skiers are more devoted to the lifestyle. I still haven't been to Telluride or Crested Butte, but the Utah resorts are all significantly better than the Colorado ones. If partying is important move to CO. If you want to ski real terrain move to Utah.

PS - I know plenty of people who love to party in Utah. Just figure out the rules and get around them.
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If you are really looking to ski, then I would move to Utah in a heartbeat. I lived in Park City for a winter and it was great. WAY better snow than here and Colorado and not as many people. I spent most of my time at the Park City Mountain since I worked there, but I traveled as often as I could to Alta. I never hit the northern areas (snowbasin and such), but I heard that they are amazing and no one is ever there. Don't worry about the bar scene...the worst thing that happens is you have a local be your "sponsor" for the night, you buy him/her a drink to say thanks, and then you go on your way.

The hiking is outstanding in the summer and there is always the national parks down south that you need to hit (Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce) and of course Moab.

I loved my time there, so I would say go for. Just make sure you have a vehicle that can make it up Little Cottonwood Canyon on the powder days!!
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Denver, Colorado
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Amen to that!

Skiin' in Utah is by far better. A-you don't have to deal with ski traffic (2+ hours here vs 20+ minutes there, and thousands of texans flocking to your home every weekend. B-if anybody thinks summit county terrain and snow beats Utah's...come on'. Maybe the san juans, but not the main resorts.
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loveland, Colorado
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The access to turns is unparalled compared to CO. Every resort and backcountry access is 30 minutes away. I lived in Park City for 7 years-this is where all the Heathens reside. Its just like living in Colorado. If you like rock climbing and mtn biking there is no shortage of this either. Only reason I moved away is because I became a river rat. Utah has very little paddling compared to CO. We always found ourselves driving 5 hoour to Jackson, WY or Boise, ID.
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If I could do it over again Id move to Jackson. It has it all!!! Easy access bc, huge mtns, great resort, more snow than UT (this year), and lots of real bars. PLUS, more hot bettys that can rip than anywhere I've never been. If you must go to UT check out Employment options at the lodges in Alta (Goldminners, Peruvian, Alta) great bennies and out the door skiing, but the housing will make you feel like you back in school. As for the CO vs UT debate going on, I choose CO, just for the livestyle. Whats better after a great day of skiing than drinking real beer, in a real bar, gazing at real women?
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