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The New Breckinridge.

First I will admit that I am a fan. My family has been in and out for about 100 years now and my Father in law bought there in 69. So for better or worse it's my home Mountain and most likely were we will retire . I have also bought season passes from 4 diffrent owners now. So you have to say how Victoria LTD was a better owner before you dis Vail. Ha ha just kidding they sucked.

Anyway on monday after a good morning BC tour by my lonsome in South Summit County. The wife and I went and parked by the exit of the skiway. 2.50 American to park walked to the Gondola. I average 50 days over the last 20 years so at 350.00 a year thats 7 bucks to ski. Rode the Gondola up instead of the bus.

We went straight to the T-bar then to the Imperial Chair. Did laps on Whales tail to the Y Chutes. Then a few on the Horse Shoe Bowl. Then the Imperial Bowl to the Contest bowl so we coul rest on chair 6. The east facing chutes had the good snow.

We ended up getting 15thou in verticle in 2 hours on good terrain for 8.25 apeice then skied to within 50 yards of the car. I think now the overall experience is pretty stellar. sj

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I haven't had a pass for a couple years but yes I as well have bought passes from Victoria thru Vail eras.

I have heard some good things about the new gondi and lifts but I am not to sure how excited I am too hear that they just unveiled their newest expansion plans which include peak 6.

Peak 6 has some epic turns for those willing to earn them, just like peak 7 used to be.

I heard there was some very unhappy locals at last nights meeting.
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For such an old schooler you spelled it wrong.?

Say it with me... "I've got a little place in Breckinridge"

Yeah, I'm all for the sprawl.
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Yea the peak 6 news is pretty old tho. I had heard right after the chair on 7 went in that they were working 6 as soon as possible. And I heard back in the early 80's that eventualy breck had plans to peak 5. So I don't really get the suprise and animosity. El if it was aimed at me I did'nt get it. sj
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The new gondi is pretty sweet at Breck-E-nridge. Although I'm not thrilled about paying at the lower lots now. Parking is getting pretty tough........i.e. I have to get out the door a lot earlier which sucks for an anti-morning dude like myself.
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God danm sj sometimes. Just another example of what happens when you go legit. GT around 11 the realtors go to work and you can usally find parking up close. sj
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SJ's just being REALLY old school - the town we now know as "Breck" was originally named after a member of Lincoln's cabinet, Breckrnridge (spelled with an "i") who sided with the South when the "Woah" broke out. Most of the Southern boys went back home to fight, the remaining populus changed the town name's spelling so the town wouldn't be named after a Confederate.

Your bit of useless history trivia for the day.

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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sorry but i think breck suks, parking suks and the runs suk. but whatever floats your boat and 8 bucks is sik
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I like Breck because I know it well but I have to admit that I'm extremely pissed off about having to pay for parking. I think it's total bullshit that you can't go to the ski area and at least find somewhere free to park. I will most likely now be shredding at the Basin instead.

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Count 2 of the 4 lots are still free. The one by the City market and the one on the west side of the road both easy walks to the gondi. sj
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