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Lame Backcountry Vibe at Wolf Creek Pass

I had the unfortunate opportunity to run into these locals (Deb Morton, Steve Hartvigsen) earlier this month. It’s worth a read. - Online Guidebook Generates Hate Mail from Wolf Creek Locals

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i live in south fork and one of the reasons folks choose to live down here is b/c it's "undiscovered." probably one of last such places in colorado. thus i understand the paroichalism, but i don't condone the attitude. i think locals emotions are bit on edge right now b/c of the village at wolf creek that would literally destroy what the place is about - skiing, untracked deep powder. i think your way off the mark in saying their is a bad vibe up there b/c of few individuals.

anyhow, what's funny after having read the "guide" is that it totally misses the best skiing up there. i'd be happy to show to it anyone, but i'm certainly not going to publish it.
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I really don't buy any of this protectionist attitude. Come on. You were the first person to ever ski some stash..ever? No. You found out about it from someone else then you skied the shit out of it until it was "yours" and now anyone else who wants to ski it is ruining your stash? I just don't buy it.

I have been pissed in the BC before for sure. Some kid from Western State (no offsense to any alumni of this outstanding University) booting right up my skin track that I drug my ass out bed at 6am to set. Or snowmobiles highpointing an area that I wanted to ski. But really what is the solution? Try to hide "your" area? Impossible. Mad dogging some person who at the end of the day is seeking the same stoke you are? Lame.

There are way too many folks out there now who want to ski in the bc. It seems like the only solution is to educate and encourage and support groups that are working to protect the experience we all crave. Some lame, locals only, vibe is just tired. If you want to ski by yourself anyday you want, move the mountains of Afghanistan or somewhere way back in AK. This is Colorado. What do you expect?
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self righteousness is a dangerous thing. Unfortunately for most of the WC locals, they don't own the BC. It's fair game. Sorry

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Laughable issue, i spent the last 15 years in the area off and on between Del Norte, S. Fork and Pagosa and gotta agree with Matobs....the map doesnt even begin to touch on the available it more crowded? what...(i can still head up and ski fresh any day of the week and see nobody)if anything the map concentrates the skiiers to certain areas...the map area is no secret, and most people will have the routes figured out in a day or so with a map or not. I welcome all the BC skiiers to WC, hopefully they will appreciate the area so much that they, too will get on board trying to stop the Mcombs boondoogle....To the very few irritated locals: This is not your secret stash...I cant imagine skiing these ""mapped"" areas for 1yr, much less as long as some said they had been skiing it...boring.....push out,explore find some new areas, isnt that what its all about?
In the area? I'm glad to show you around, drink some beers and have a good day..dont let the attitudes of a few ""locals"" leave a bad taste in your mouth...
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I had originally posted this on Telemark Tips right after the trip for a public comment.

:: View topic - Bad Backcountry Vibe at Wolf Creek Pass!

As a result of the discussions on Teletips and Foam-Core. Deb has sincerely apologized for her groups actions… thanks Deb.

However, I think this is part of a larger issue that is increasingly common as BC skiing has expanded.
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Happens in every sport as people's "secret stash" become popular. I've personally seen it in rock climbing, caving, kayaking, canyoneering (especially, since every area has essentially been secret stash until recently). Backcountry skiing is no surprise. Both sides have their points. Such is life in the outdoors.
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Yes, that guy told of about 1% of the goods up there.

I am half temped to post maps of some of the super sic spots and easily lapable spots we have found and ride in the same/similar area. There is a ton of stuff back there and with all the old login roads in that area the snowmoboard access is about as good as anywhere.

I also think that these super-sic-o-locals are falling into the "more-richeous-than-you-tele-asshole-types" mold here. IMO this group is the root of and cause of most of the BC problems out there. For gods sake it is National Forest you have no more right to be up there than anyone else!

They could come up with a plan that would privatize this land! But wait isn’t everyone all pissed at a plan to privatize some of this same land? Funny.

Never heard filth and threats like that on any snowmobile site or from anyone else than a “sic-o-richeous-tele-type”. Threats of violence as well! Just another representation of what a some "super sic o hike only types" can and will do to force their opinion on folks.

Funny to me people like these try to demonize the snowmoboard scene as well. I think this thread - and this real story – represents what this type of person does in and to the BC. To me it is just more evidence of how the "Super-richeous-tele-local-hike-crew" is unwilling to work with other user groups, then resort to violence?

I think that it is time for all users of the BC to realize that people like this represent the problem and not the solution in the BC.
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post those sic spots
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So where do we get the guide now that Foam got foamed out...

That guide was sweet for us Boulderites that want to stomp the crap out of the Wolf Creek Local's powder...

The funny part about all this territorialism to backcountry ski stashes is that every year it gets worse and worse as more and more beacons, probes, shovels, etc... get sold the population of people skiing the backcountry is exponentially increasing every year and will continue to do so until global warming does away with skiing entirely...or at least Al Gore hopes so.

So when you get your panties in a wad about new people laying lines on your secret runs there is only one thing to do. Find new ones, go bigger, take bigger risks...yeah pretty much follow in Lou Dawson's tracks or move to Alaska (which by the way is an incredible idea for all these insane people ranting and threatening down in Wolf Creek, you'll be really pissed when the billionaire Texan throws lifts on your secret stashes. You can thank the bad economy for an extra five years of decent skiing back there regardless of traffic).

Sorry, this thread is really old but that guide is gone and I'm on my way to Wolf Creek to risk my life stomping the crap out of 52 new inches sitting on those secret lines. Don't worry though, that skin track will lead me right to where I need to be...that or the wolf mountain and those aspects that us Coloradan's so often pursue.
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