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How well do split boards work?

I'm wondering if split boards are worth it? How well do they work as boards? How well do they work on trails without skins?

I'm interested in using it for hut skiing. The problem is the trail has some flat and a few short down sections. Is a split board OK on flats and down sections? I don't want to change the board to downhill on the short down sections.

It seems that split boards are more for climbing up a steep mountain with skins and getting nice powder down. I'll do some of that on a hut trip, but mainly just ski in. But, if I'm there with nice power outside, skis are a waste of power.

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If you have the coin I would buy a factory spit with both edges. Having the inside metal edge is nice when it's icy, and, in my opinion helps in ski mode. But, I also have a do it yourself that works just fine... it just lacks one edge (but rides better in the pow because I loved that board before I cut it in half).

They are great for flats if you are comfortable skiing a little. You will quickly become proficient in the splitboard "power pie," because as you said converting all the time from snowboard to split is a pain (and can take a little time until you get good at it)... and I find that the more you take your skins off and on the more likely they will ice up. Splitboard skins don't have a tail clip so they have a tendency to ice up a bit on the tail...

In deep powder both my factory and do-it-yourself rides kill it. I don't notice much of a difference in the pow at all except for the fact that your splitboard will weigh a lot more than your regular ride. And, with the factory metal base plates your feet are about a half inch higher than they are with a regular board. They make split specific bindings that eliminate that... but, I have not had the coin to buy them yet. They are on my list and come highly recommended.

I can actually make tele turns on the thing on low angle pow... but, it is not very easy to ski on hard pack. But... it's easy enough to get around on...

I use my split board all the time on hut trips and it does just fine… I love the thing and if I didn’t live right by a resort it is all I would ride because you can almost always find pow if you are willing to walk a little.
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Splits are badass. Just ordered my new Spark bindings too. Gonna make it even more badass. You can access some great BC,and efficiently,but I don't know if i'd drop the coin for that kindve "light work"(?)
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splits are the way to go if you are boarder and want the goods in the backcountry. They are pricey but worth every penny if you want to work for the best turns. Also G3 makes an offset tail attachment for the skins. I have it this year and it works sick. no ice or slippage. Check it out
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If you are a boarder, a splitboard is way better than slowshoes or postholing which I know isn't saying much. You spend a lot of time fiddling around with taking it apart and putting it together and they traverse very poorly compared to skis, nor do they kick and glide well compared to skis, but everyone I know who has one can't imagine going back to slowshoes.
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Buy a sled!
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Heavy hassles....I went to AT gear....
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I've wondered if snowboarders have used splits on ultrasteep descents like Pyramid peak in CO. Seems like the split technology is good enough these days.

Vert climbing snowshoes still have a place for steep climbs (like 40 to 55 degrees) with short approaches. Mt Superior north of Alta for example.
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Originally Posted by caspermike View Post
Buy a sled!
As long as it comes with a gas mask.
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My observations: Splits dont suck, People generally suck. They dont know how to skate in ski mode, they cant ski in ski mode, they dont know how to kick turn, they dont transition quickly, they cant skin, sucky people complain about taking an additional 30 seconds, they weigh 211 grams more than an at splittin gets a bad rap to some. Dont buy the hype. It works.
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