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Golden, Colorado
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Dying on a cat track

To the guys who are going so fast down green cat tracks and overcrowded pre-season cruisers that they are dying on impact when they lose control: thank you for not taking a little kid with you, you flaming assholes. You are the reason I cringe when I ski early season with my family. Have fun being dead.

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Steamboat, Colorado
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While your point is very valid, your statements make you look like the flaming asshole.

Good luck with your own karma.
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Aurora, Colorado
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I agree with your sentiment even if your delivery could use work. I am avoiding the hill until later this season because of that very reason. Its too dangerous for the 5 yr old and I just got a shiny new acl and meniscus. Hoping the resorts get the lifts open soon.
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The next zone, .
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Yea I don't ski front range resorts pretty much ever - just not worth it.

Also you will never ever find me on a "white ribbon of death" - ever. I think that there are Mr Rogers re-runs on all day and I would rather fill my time enjoying the show than dodging "rangers" on a ice chunk that resembles Minnesota more than Colorado.

It sucks - but you choose to put your life in peril when you choose to ski the anywhere on the I-70 shit show..

Just the way it is and it is not going to change.
"I feel better than any other time when I am in the mountains and uh I cant explain it ya know...." - Shawn Farmer..........
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Thought your post was rather harsh Ture, but I then I tried to ski at WP today (Sunday). I survived 2 runs without injury or death, and I consider that a big accomplishment for the day.

Usually we have about 10 runs to choose from for every lift taking you to the top, but today there was 2 lifts going to the top for one run!!!!! If they can't increase the downhill capacity by opening more runs, then they should decrease the uphill capacity by only having 1 lift.

Then you look at the people on the slopes, and realize most everyone fits into one of two categories: either snowboarders with testosterone levels 20X their IQ levels, or beginner skiers who think if they can go really fast in a straight line, then they really aren't beginners anymore. Wow, scary! If other resorts are looking the same, then I'm surprised there were only 2 deaths last week.
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didn't i see this post last year about this time.....
....and the year before.

oh yeah and your yeti cooler works in the back of your subaru/tacoma.
"We should restore the practice of dueling. It might improve manners around here" -Edward Abbey
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Eagle, Colorado
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Point taken about dangerous early season conditions and people skiing too fast, but if you knew anything about the skiier that died you may have a little compassion. It was indeed a freak accident. Your comment just physically made me feel sick, you insensitive ass.
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Pugetopolis, Washington
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Seems to me that's it's the summit county brah's that are the reckless ones. But then again I'm just making a broad generalization,like everyone else on the webz. People that live in the mountains,or ski,couldn't possibly be out of control,you're all far too rad to ever be questioned. I hope one day I can live in mountains and finally be core. I already know which pair of Mountain Khakis I'm gonna rock everyday too. Mountain people are tough,and knowledgable when it comes to all things. They're infallible. It's science
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Glen Vegas, Florida
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GOBACKTOTHEFRONTRANGE.COM remember that site, it was sweeeet!

Pump House is sick
Barry Dingle rocks mountain khakis and drives a range rover.
This thread is super lame.
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Denver, Colorado
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Hell of a way to start the season, no? You people hate, hate, hate. Did I mention that you hate??? I also got sick reading the start of this thread - Ture, Pizzle, RdNeck - eat a dick. All of you guys act like your shit doesnt stink - you are the same as anyone who goes to the mountains to recreate - you had to learn to ski, raft, kayak or whatever you do, so show a little respect and try TEACHING skills, ADVOCATE the skiers code and receving training and try SMILING at the wonderful people - the tourism dollars that are spent at ANY ski resort in this state provide for the towns we live in, the roads we drive on and the businesses that keep us here - unless you have a trust fund to spend - maybe that's how you can afford being "core" and living in the mountains? I have bills to pay and a gas tank to answer to, so I will spend my time at the Vail resorts on I70, Loveland, WP, Copper and Eldora and I will be sure to smile at the people, even if they are still learning. And I will do that on the weekends, since I have a regular job and have to be at the office at least 40 hours a week. If you want a lesson, let me know - I am a very patient teacher. I remember when I knew nothing about skiing - and the awesome people who taught me how to ski. What do you remember - how awesome YOU are?
My condolences to the family of the young man from CU who died recently.
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