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Canada DUI?

Uh so I got this friend right and he got a dui 6-7 years ago in california. so anyway he's supposed to go cat skiing in canada in february but he just recently found out that it might be a pain in the ass for him to even get in the country. wut do think he should do?? try and just not say anything and just use his passport at the border?? try to get clearance ahead of time??? Or is this just some kind of scam for canada to pull $200 off people who might of made a pour choice???

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Originally Posted by Porkchop View Post
a pour choice???
Is that a Freudian slip?
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If you can get into Canada with a DUI on your record,I'd recommend your friend pay the 200 bucks and not f**k around with the border crossing. If you're driving to B.C. from CO & CA to go cat skiing, the last thing you want is to get f**ked around with at the border. Just speaking from experience that I don't want share.
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If you drive across the border, odds are good that you'll get rejected with a DUI on your record. I don't know about paying $200 to get out of it - it's not Mexico, they generally just send you back. I've had many friends ski vacations get jacked.
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I used to use the border crossing between Washington and BC quite frequently and very rarely did anyone do more than glance at my passport. If you are just going to be traveling light and don't raise a lot of suspicion I would think you would be fine. This was post 9-11 but things may have changed in the last few years, but that was always mine experience.
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Getting across via the I-5 is a total crapshoot. You could drive through scott-free or end up getting strip searched. The easiest way would be just to fly, hassle free.

If your driving through realize that both the "truck" side and the regular passenger vehicles entrance stations both have assholes working for them. People think they can fly a little under the radar if they use the truck side, I would stay in the flow of regular traffic.

Remember, NEVER backtrack when they ask you a question. They may say "has anyone ever been arrested" or "do you have any alcohol or something to declare". Then they like to go back and ask again....."Are you sure you dont have anything to declare....Are you sure none of you have ever been arrested". Always give the same answer,NO.

If you stumble or stutter it's a sure way to get a return ticket back to the states. Happened to me and many others.
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My experience was a quick form, welcome to Canada, and that was it. They wouldn't have known if I was Osama. I actually got off the Greyhound from Seattle, walked across the border, and hitchhiked in (long story). The border police gave me no trouble at all. Just my experience.
This was about two years ago.
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read this. this guy evidently got banned until 2011 for some traffic violation, not even a dui.

Fuck Canada - Teton Gravity Research Forums

lots of good info here. look for the rehabilitation form to fill out in advance of your trip.
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I would not try to wing it. I have been hasseled at the border several times (driving) using a passport. Once they looked at the passport and entered something into the computer my troubles began. I also have no criminal record or anything short if a few speeding tickets.

I have had several friends get rejected at the border driving because of DUI s. I also have had 2 friends get turned around in Vancouver at customs because of DUI s. Both were put on the SOONEST return flight to the US. once they ended up back in the US they had to figure out how to get back home.

I was with a friend who got detained for 6 hours because he had an arrest for for flicking a cigarrette at a cop when he was 16. his record was sealed when he was 18. When the candians brought his record up several things that were 'sealed' were shown. They also had every arrest or detail of him regardless of convictions.

I know you can call immagrations and get an insurance to travel in canada if you have had a dui with in 10 years. Its funny they are so hard on duis when the have the cheapest easiest to find drugs around....
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I have had a friend end up getting way F trying to get by driving up there. He had to wait 2 days befor he got the ok and that was on a work trip and he only got by because he new people that could give him the ok
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