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Fort Collins, Colorado
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AT Skiers-Gear Suggestions

I am a tele skier who is looking at AT gear. I do not know a lot about the differences in bindings but have heard that they are not as strong as alpine bindings. I thought this might be old news and with the new technology I am sure they are much better than they were a few years ago. Not trying to push these bindings to their limit, dropping cliffs, etc...just dont want them to pop off when in mogules. Suggestions...what is the best AT set-up out there. Also do you really need boots or do alpine boots work (just leaving them unbuckled when hiking). Thanks

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B Dog
Missoula, Montana
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AT bindings are obviously not specifically designed to be skied on area bashing moguls all day but they can handle it. I have been skiing Fritschi bindings for 4 years and have definetley done on area and mogul skiing and they work fine and have held up fine, I however feel as though they don't ski as well as a dedicated alpine binding for this application, but you get comfortable with what you use. With the exception of Dynafit bindings you can use any alpine boot in most AT bindings, and they really aren't too uncomfortable to hike/skin in. I would encourage an AT specific boot if you are buying it all anyway, they are more comfortabel and if you get the right boot they ski equal as well. If you are leaning toward Dynafit, I finally did, make sure to get a compatible boot right away so you don't have to buy another set of boots, most of them still work in other AT bindings, but they don't however always work in Alpine bindings. If I was you, I would seriously consider a Dynafit setup, half the weight, similar price, with the exception of the boot, and according to all that use them they ski better. Just got mine, they are being mounted as I write this. I have a friend that has been patrolling on them for a few years and swears by them. Do some research and good luck.
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mountains, Colorado
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Unless you are going in the really really really crowded backcountry areas, I doubt you will encounter moguls.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Ideally I would be able to use this set up in the bc as well as in the front country
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over, all
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I ski 95% bc and switched from the fritschis to the dynafit FT 12 this year. The dynafits are incredible for the bc...lightweight, strong, durable but I would not recommend them for any fc. I took them to the resort for the first time this weekend and popped out twice (with the lever in tour mode) in the moguls on my first run. I wont ski them in the fc again. I ski aggressively and weigh 185.

My experience with the fritschis was excellent except that I blew out the the toe piece twice and some plastic under the heal once. I was skiing an alpine boot in them so maybe with an AT boot youll get more durability. It sounds to me like you want a bomber frontcountry settup that can tour for a handful of days a season. For that, Id go with the barons or dukes.
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I have to ask - why? If you are already a competent tele skier, what's the point in switching over? I made the opposite switch this season for an added challenge and lighter weight gear, and doubt I will ever go back to alpine or at.
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victor, Idaho
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i would go with fritschis if you are going to go between fc and bc. i have dynafits and they work great in the bc, a little finicky at times but the light weight makes it worth it. i tried skiing them inbounds and popped out a few times even in tour mode. but if bc is the way you are going then i think the dynafits are awesome.
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In my opinion the best AT set-up is:

Marker duke(large)
Head mojo 105(181)

pm me, I am going the other route.

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e-town, Colorado
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I second bob, I have been through several fritshis, they break. I have been on the dukes for a few years now and they rock. They are defanatly an alpine binding with at capability, but they tour well and are bomber on all terrain. Try the Blizzard setup, they have integrateed dules making them lighter than a traditional alpine setup, and you can slide a tele plate in in 5 minutes for the days you want to tele. You can hike in alpine boots, but if you do with them unbuckled they are sloppy and very prone to blisters. just my $.02!
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I'm going to revive this thread. I too am looking at a Backcountry setup and I'm not sure if I should go dynafit or not. My style leans towards backcountry ascents leading to steep chutes and couloirs with the occasional drop (no more than 8 feet). Perhaps I need to just gut it out with regular alpine and my backcountry ideas are ridiculous. I'm not thinking of multiday treks necessarily so weight is less of a concern. So, will dynafit work or should I divert to Dukes or Naxos or Fritschi or the like?
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