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Louisville, Colorado
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Are my skis ruined?

I have a pair of K2 Sidestashes with BD-01's. I got them mounted late last season and skied one day on them. I just took them out for the first time this year last weekend, and I notice a bulge in the ski base in line with one of the binding screws. Seems like too long a screw was used, or the holes weren't drilled out deep enough before the screw went in. Anyway, I am concerned about what the first full fledged tune will do over this bulge. I don't really feel it skiing, and I love, love, love the skis. I have never seen anything like this. I will be talking to the shop, but wanted to see what buzzards might think about what this means for the life of the ski, the secureness of the binding, and what the hell happened.

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The shop who screwed up your skis should be doing work to make it right. Thats why you paid to have someone else do it right.
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mountains, Colorado
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I have a pair of 10 year old atomic deep powder skis that I think have the same issue. The cause was water getting into one of the screw holes and causing the wood core to swell. I noticed this about 5 years ago and have been skiing them since with no problems. That said, these skis never see groomed or hard pack, so I'm not sure what effect that would have. The bulge on mine is a circle that is a little larger than a half dollar and raises 1mm or 2mm. If it is the size of a pimple or smaller, I would guess you are correct that it is too long of screws.
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Cisco, Utah
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If you had a shop mount them, they owe you a new pair of skis. Misdrilled would be the key word. If you only skiied them once or twice that will be apparent. Gettting them to fess up and make it right shouldn't be harder than taking them in and tellin it like it is, no need to be hard on them, at first anyway. Most shops will take care of it I would think, some shops will be dicks about it. Thats when you tell them that they f'd up.. and need to make it right. Talk to the manager. Give him an honest chance to do it friendly like.

On the other hand, if You misdrilled them.... well, call K2. No need to tell them you did it, just tell them skis are brand new and bulging. As I recal K2 was the best company for taking care of returns. That was well over a decade ago though...
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dillon, Colorado
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Not hard to fix...back the screw out, hit base with hammer (covered with cloth unless you want to base grind it too), fill screwhole with epoxy and screw in the screw You may have to helicoil the screw if there is water damage and/or base weld the area where the bulge is on the base but any shop, even those where only guys work, should be competent enough to fix it.
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Louisville, Colorado
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Chep, it is good to know you think the skis can be fixed. I didn't do the drilling and have deliberately left the name of the shop off the thread (unless the end up being jerks about it). All in all I have been unimpressed with this shop, but will certainly give them the chance to make it right. Like I said I really love the skis and just want them to last multiple seasons.
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The shop owes you a new pare of skis if they were new and the shop messed them up. Chep's advice is good, but a last resort...
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I bought a pair of skis from a consignment shop where many of the screws were drilled to deep and the base had dimples (pimples) at each one. Since they were a good deal I ignored the problem.
It never caused me any trouble skiing and the skis held up just fine. The only real pain was when scraping the wax. A stone grind goes a long way to eliminate the bumps, but they never completly go away.

If you are forced to deal, it should not be a major problem and you should get full enjoyment out of the skis. That being said I agree that the shop should take care of you either by repair or new skis or free gear.
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Jackson, Wyoming
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The shop definitely screwed up and they should have noticed it before they handed the skis to you. That being said its really not that big of a deal. This happens more than you think. There are several ways to fix the problem and the integrety of the ski will not be compromised. Definitely get the ski fixed before you grind, stone or scrape the base. Once fixed you'll never know the difference. Enjoy!
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Ive skiied on ghetto gear for years and I still think im one on the better out there. I mount everything my self. I ski on 3 pins still. I had a pair like yours that I used for a couple years. They are still going to be plenty strong. I trash skis on rocks. I leave many base scrapes alone. Im a little slower on runouts but otherwise do not notice. Sounds like you bought as is so the shop is not liable. You should have no worries.
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