Hey anybody find find my shit? - Mountain Buzz

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lol, cracks me up
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Blueball, Arkansas
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Hey anybody find find my shit?

I lost a cell phone on the Salmon! and a life jacket at blue heron boat ramp! also lost lightning paddle if anybody seen it please let me know. oh and that cam strap below yarmony that"s definitely mine! oh and OMG someone found my captain seat thank you! or wait was that life jacket at pumphouse? but I definitely left a oar at pump house. and well also I might have left a drybag at state bridge? oh and some tent poles on the Yampa sure could use those back! and you know come to think of it I lost a oar on the blue river please return. And son of a gun I lost a camera on the Selway, definitely want that back! Actually come to think of it might be the Selway or gates of Ladore where I lost that phone? Come to think of it I lost a N.R.S boat but that was awhile back and if I don't get that back well everything else is well??? and well I could have sworn I grabbed my leaf blower but now it's just vanished? Anybody see my Honda key's? now these I have to admit I misplace frequently but any info would be greatly appreciated. So lastly and I have to admit this is a little embarrassing but I lost my car somewhere in near the upper c.? thought I was backing down the ramp? yes it seemed a little steep? any hooo would really like to get all my stuff back! and there might be a few more items I forgot?

Who's pick'n the banjo here?
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Shit? I see plenty of shit @ benches. One of em is probably yours.
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I think you might’ve missed placed your mind to but that shit was pretty funny! It is nice when you fuck up and get your stuff back tho. 😃
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little rock, Arkansas
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Blueball, Arkansas? Trying to recall exactly where that is but I just can't place it. We have a Weiner over in the northeast part of the state............
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Golden, Colorado
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How were the bugs though?
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Fraser, Colorado
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Back when I was HB, me and the RM, would play hot and cold, with peoples shit.
If they left it layin in front of the boat shed till morning, we would just take and hide it everywhere. Hang there pfd in a tree, a guide paddle on the roof...
My favorite was putting a guides throw bag in the engine compartment of one of the old busses, he never did find that, and watching him get really anxious just before the trip, was very enjoyable! ( I did give it back just before he left the boat yard). After a couple of really fun weeks, newer guides leaving there crap all over, came to an end. Fixed the problem, and was good fun for the crusty old salt, as well!
The river probably thought, “ he is such an insignificant, pitiful, little creature, with such a short time to live, I will let him go this time, and try to teach him something” - Buzz Holmstrum
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