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why would you put this in your butt?

yeah, great title I know... So all this raft gear talk got me looking at some frames today.

Maybe I'm missing something because people say these guys make good stuff, and I am not trying to bash here, but these frames don't seem very well thought out.

This oddly designed rear casting seat/anchor setup here seems to lend new meaning to "Rear Fisherman"...

And what is happening here? how do those fishing platforms work? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fit in the back one, and whats with the crossbar across the front casting area (that seems to be inclined back) wouldn't you trip over that bar all the time?

dunno maybe I'm drunk and bored.

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Boy Howdy!
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Boy, that cat looks very high centered, as for the rest well I'm drunk too....
Who's your monkey?
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They did make good stuff at one time. Problem is they sold the company, and now someone else is making them under the same name. if you ask me they must not spend much time testing their products, especially not on real water. Otherwise, they you know that these designs are not very practicle.
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Originally Posted by mikeyford View Post
someone else is making them under the same name.
must be some honey badgers on the design crew now.... 'cuz they don't give a shit. that's for sure.

fuckin' honey badgers.

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fuckin honey badger likes to hide anchor pulleys in his ass. he don't give a shit!
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and... Why would I click on this thread?

Yeah. That second pic of the cat looks positively claustrophobic. You'd never be able to get a full stroke in that dinky rowing compartment.
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How are you going to see whats going on in front of you with two drunk fucks sitting in your lap
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Here's another shot at the second frame, from the first photo it looks like there is not a platform in the rear, but there is some space. From the look of it, someone wanted to put an RV frame on a miata or at the very least make sure his wife has a nice confy seat in the front to sit on.
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Yeooww! on the first one. I know I wouldn't want to be fising from there, lose my balance and sit down!

The second one could be a swivel seat that turns around, so you wouldn't actually be standing behind there.
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Whoooaaahhh... Can I just interject something here? First off I am the "New Owner" of RecreTec. I DO care and I DO use our products. Let me first address a couple things. The rear casting platform/anchor system on the yellow boat is NOT meant for a sit down as this is how the customer set it up, not me. It is meant to be able to stand and cast from but they did not want a seat so we did not put one on. If we did we offset the anchor boom out of the way and mount the seat on the platform. Second, the frame in question on the yellow AIRE tubes was a specific order, designed by our customer, NOT me and built so that it could be used on a 12' set of tubes. The size as I told them was cramped but it actually worked quite well to be used on a small set of tubes like that. Also, the dry boxes were probably a bad idea to put in for the picture as they were just some 16' tall ones that we had instead of the shallow,short boxes made later to fit and be low profile. I take blame for that poor choice of a picture with them in it however they would NOT be the ones used. Lastly our quality has done nothing but increased with new equipment, process and R&D. We stand behind our products like no other and we now offer FAR more products to cover literally any aspect of whitewater rafting and raft fishing. We also build any type and size of frame you would like and do it to your specs as well as our own. Im not sure where the foul language and insinuations came from that we are "F-ing honey badgers" or that we do not care?? I work hard and try hard to do build the best possible gear and carry on a 36 year tradition and would really appreciate it if you guys would consider how damaging talk like this could be. I am MORE than happy to explain how and what we do here and listen to innovative ideas that can make your fishing experience more user friendly and enjoyable. I am taken back on how I am being bashed for no apparent reason more than that there is something someone doesnt like and even more doesnt understand why it is like it is. We still build GREAT stuff and stand behind it AND CARE!! If I didnt, we would not still be here and be so highly regarded by many. I am very proud of RecreTec and its products AND our commitment to quality and service.
Timmy-RecreTec Mfg. Inc.
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