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Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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Why so many LL Braaaps for sale???

I have a Remix 79 and I've lost some weight, so it seems a little large for me now. I'm only an intermediate paddler; I stop at Class 3.

So, I've noticed the Braaap and it looks like a slightly smaller boat, a bit snappier... very interesting...

However, I've noticed that there seems to be quite a few of them for sale lately. Why? Is there something odd about them that folks are disappointed with? I haven't paddled one, and certainly would before buying, but is there a "pig-in-the-poke" here somewhere with the Braaaps?

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At 5'6 155, The braaap is the most fun boat I've paddled. I can't squirt it at all, but it surf, boofs, snaps into eddies, makes me pick new lines just to see if I can make it, and makes every run I do a rip. It's my go-to III-IV boat which is what I'm doing 80% of the time these days if I'm being honest with myself.

I could see one of the following for the sellers:
It's not a gnar boat unless you're ben marr.
It isn't a playboat either. The slicier boats like the axiom or ripper cover that better in this category.
It's displacement hull which is a personal preference thing.
it isn't huge so I could see people being too big for it if you're 185+lbs.

My .02
People selling them likely already have too many boats are probably convinced some waka/9r2/etc will make them better boaters. Grab one if you're in the market, it will make you smile.
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Carbondale, Colorado
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The above advice is good! The most fun I've had on my home run this season was in a loaner braaap and it was awesome. So fast and snappy, but if you let off the gas, it will humble you. I think people sell them when they realize you have to be in the drivers seat with them, but if you're willing to do that, they reward infinitely. I still stick with a bigger boat for extra storage space for overnight self supports, but if I had the space, a braaap or ripper would suit me just fine. Go find one and enjoy!
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Originally Posted by paulk View Post
It's displacement hull which is a personal preference thing.
I sold mine because I didn't like the displacement hull. Wanting to look at the ripper and axiom but my RPM is occupying that space right now.
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You sound like the perfect candidate. I got a Ripper - similar idea - skinny, long fast, half slice boat. They're super fun boats that make easier water more fun.
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I have been having a blast paddling a Braaap. Its fast, it surfs on waves pretty good, turns on a dime. Its just more fun than my creekboat in most situations and way more capable than a play boat. I like the displacement hull especially because it is skinny so it actually tracks decently. I paddle it up to the IV+/V- range as long as there is not a ton of mank or big holes that you need to float over. You do have to "drive" it though, its not for just floating down the river.
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