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Tralee, Ireland
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What Creeker?

This is my first post here, so if I've dropped it into the wrong place, or anything like that, forgive me!

Im around 6ft and weigh around 180kg

My favourite creeker that I have paddled was a Jackson Hero, however at the time I had very little gear in my boat, and I come quite close to the top of the weight range even if its just little old me in it. I loved the outfitting though and found the boat to be very easy to paddle.

Another boat I paddled a bit was a Nomad 8.5 I found it to be quite good, although it didn't seem to hold line as nicely as the hero did. I also had a bash in a medium Karnali but found that to be a bit too big. Also had a brief go in a medium burn but found it hard to hold on line.

I loved the hero, and really like the idea of a Villain, particularly with Jackson's great warranties but have not paddled one, and since I generally seem to prefer smaller boats, wonder how I would take to what I'm told is a bit of mammoth.

I want a boat that I can progress with, and don't mind taking the time to adjust to something I might not initially like provided it is the right choice long term.

Any recommendations/advice greatly appreciated!

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Jenks, Oklahoma
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I have a Mega Rocker, Super Hero and just got a full size Villain.

Mega Rocker is the most forgiving kayak I have ever had and I have lost count of the kayaks I have owned over the years. Low volume, gnarly and rocky creeks is where it excells.

Super Hero is one of the best all around kayaks I have ever owned. Forgiving enough to creek in but fun to play down river. Super comfortable.

Villain is said to be more of a creeker than a play boat. Not enough time in the boat to give a good opinion.

Since you are all ready familiar with the Hero series, that may be the boat for you. If I could only have one Jackson kayak, that would be it for me. A go most anywhere and do most anything kayak and the foot room is as good as it gets unless you go Prijon.
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Near water (hopefully), Colorado
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Everybody is going to tell you the boats they paddle, just demo demo demo.

Also Villian is a full fledged creeker so no need suggesting its more of a creeker than a playboat.

There are tons of threads on this just do some searching.
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buena vista, Colorado
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demo demo demo....or just buy a burn. it's cool though that jackson just started making creek boats. i probably wouldn't buy an airplane made by Ford, though
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Detroit, Michigan
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180kg? Maybe you are in the market for say..a barge?

"With a wonder and a wild desire..." -Flogging Molly
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John Nestler
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Richmond, Virginia
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Originally Posted by feats of strength View Post
180kg? Maybe you are in the market for say..a barge?

I really hope you meant pounds, but I'm 5'11 160lbs, and I paddle the Karnali as my main creeker. It took me a few runs to dial it in, but it literally flys off of boofs, and its soft edges give it quite a bit of control for creeking or big water without getting in the way. It is also one of the fastest creekers I've paddled, if you ever get into racing.

In terms of fit, it was big on me too. I ended up drilling new holes for the thigh braces, and foaming out the hip pads. After this I felt connected to the boat and had much more control. For someone 6' I'd imagine the boat would be a perfect fit?

But as everyone else says, just demo a lot boats. You're dropping a lot of money on a plastic tub so make sure you enjoy it and can see yourself using it two years from now.
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Buena Vista, Colorado
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It seems like almost everyone that was happy in the Hero series has really liked paddling the Villain. The length and increased volume might take awhile to get use to, but you would probably like the increased speed and stability of a bigger boat.
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Littleton, Colorado
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Just curious... Where are you creeking close to Tralee?
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Parys, Freestate
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Also check out the Fluid Solo, it was voted best creeker in Europe 2009.

Fluid Kayaks
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Littleton, Colorado
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With the other stuff you paddled, there's no way you weighed close to 400lbs.

If you are 180 lbs, the Prijon Pure is too small for you, just barely, from what I've read (from actual boaters, not the supposed paddler weight). You might try looking into the Prijon Pure XL, which you'd be on the low-end of, weight-wise (a great place to be if you ask me) but since it just came out, you'd be paying top dollar ($1300 last I checked).

I keep plugging this boat, because it's my first creeker, it will supposedly not break, and every time I paddle it, I like it that much more. There's still some things I want to do to the outfitting though (higher hip-pads, maybe some foam for under my legs). I put some 1/4" foam padding on the thigh braces though (a necessity due to the screw digging into my leg).

I finally had my first-ever pool session, and chose to bring my creeker (just been in the lake and waterton with it). Due to the rocker, it was extremely hard for my friend to flip me over vertically. I'm not sure if he ever did, but I don't think so. The only way I could be flipped over was if he threw me to the side a bit. The secondary stability on this thing is amazing. I have to make sure I get in more time with my playboat, because the pure is so ridiculously easy to roll that I'm afraid I'll begin to get sloppy and develop bad technique. I was also able to try hand-paddles for the first time, and got my roll every time, even on the offside (though the offside hand-paddle roll was extremely sloppy). I mean, maybe all the good creek boats are like this, but seriously, it just amazes me at how stable it is. It'll be a dream to boat in next season, when I finally start doing Class IV.
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