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waterproofness of waterproof gloves

Two days ago I bought a pair of NRS Rogue Gloves. Yesterday I used them on a ~10 mile flat water float in an IK. After an hour or so my hands were soaked.

With one glove I had tucked the glove underneath the rubber gasket of my drysuit. The other glove's wrist covering was over the rubber gasket of my dry suit. On both hands I had the drysuit's neoprene cover over my wrist.

The air temps were ~50. Water temps were high 30s(?).

My hands were getting really cold, so I took my gloves off. My hands then warmed up - even though they were getting wet from paddle drippage.

Is this normal? I wasn't sure what to expect with water proof gloves - but I had thought that on flat water I would have been able to stay dry - or at least warmer than no gloves.

Thoughts? Input?

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Those are not waterproof gloves. They are made from nepoprene which is what wetsuits are made from. WETsuits. The idea behind a wetsuit and neoprene is that is gets wet, that water in the material stays there and your body warms up that water. It should be warmer than no gloves, though.
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Yep, neoprene = wet and warm, hopefully. You won't see many true waterproof gloves out there.
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The neoprene itself should be waterproof, but the seams and wrists are probably where the water will be coming in. Even if the gloves were totally water proof your hands would probably still be soaked after an hour or so of paddling because all your sweat would be building up in the gloves. I had a very thick pair of neoprene gloves that I used to wear and my hands were always very cold in them. I think this was because the gloves were pretty tight on my hands which did not allow good blood circulation. I now use pogies, and my hands are usually warm even on very cold days. Also, think about the rest of your body. If you are nice and warm in a drysuit your hands are probably going to be OK. If the rest of your body gets slightly chilled, your hands are going to be the first place where you will notice.
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The Rogue gloves have a special cuff that is supposed to prevent cold water from coming into the gloves too easily or too often, but nothing can prevent a little bit of wetness. Although I haven't tried this yet, I know paddlers who, even on the coldest days, prefer a very thin glove and pogies.
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Seal Skinz Gloves. A couple guys I work with love these.
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dish gloves or bathroom cleaning gloves then drytop = waterproof
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maverick gloves

I bought the maverick gloves from nrs to take on the salt with me. they were totally dry, i was impressed. i had to switch them out for my hydroskin gloves because my hands were getting too hot. i put the cuff over my wrist gasket and then the outer cuff of my dry suit over that. i thought the rogue glove was supposed to be similar, if not a little better quality.
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Pogies. You'll get wet, but you'll be warm.
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gunnison, Colorado
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I have had some similar problems. I too use an IK and dry warm hands are nice. I ended up going to a fishing store, and bought some gloves that are used for fishing, I guess. They are pretty thick, but I do not have a problem with it. They also tend to have a sticky grip, which is nice. I put both gloves under the cuffs of my dry top, and I have never had wet cold hands. Another thing about these fishing gloves are that they are cheap.
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