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Trailer Lights

Is it possible to mount watertight tail lights on the rear of a standard aluminum snowmobile trailer? Thinking of buying a used snowmobile trailer to haul my raft but would like to have the option of backing it into the water.

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I don't see why not. Go to a good power boat shop to find quality waterproof lights. You get what you pay for if you shop at Checker or Auto Zone.
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westmarine catalog

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The lights on the trailer may already be waterproof. The ones on mine are!
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My Sledbed's got waterproof lights too.
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if they aren't already waterproof, you can easily get some as replacements. i replaced the crappy lights on my utility trailer turned raft trailer with some waterproof led lights that are fantastic!
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I have always had regular old trailer lights ... even on an old boat trailer. I just unplug them from the rig before I back it in then let them drip out a little before plugging them back in for the ride home.
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dude there trailer lights!!! buy the cheapest ones you can find... don't worry about paying for waterproof ones its only 12V. water has enough resistance in it not to short out the circuits... think about how many late 80's cars youve seen driving around with a headlamp full of water... if you want to make your cheapo trailerlights corrode slower drill holes in the bottom to let the water just drain out. and dude there just trailer lights
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Trailer lights are always a problem. They are usually cheaply and corrode badly in a few years. Mounting any light on the back of a snowmobile trailer is probably going to end in disappointment. The reason the mfr. doesn't mount them there is they would probably be knocked of when you drop the bed to unload the sleds. If you mount them high enough that they won't contact the ground when you drop the bed, the sleds will knock them off when you load them. Or the sleds will hit them and demolish the lights when you load them back on to the trailer. Unplugging any trailer light before you back in to the water is a pretty sound practice.

Avoid the Peterson brand of lights found everywhere, they corrode quickly and the spring contacts lose tension quickly, both situations leaving you in the dark. Westbar is quite a bit better, not too hard to find either. My best experience has been with those big round sealed units that mount on a stalk, but they are a pain to mount as you need to drill a big hole- maybe 3/4" or bigger. They also stick out quite a ways from the trailer, maybe 5 or 6 inches. Something to consider when you start with something as wide as a snowmobile trailer.
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i dont know how well the good lights would hold up thats why id go with the cheapest ones you can find...from my experience as a mechanic (that specializes in electrical systems) all those lights are only good for a few years...unfortunately everything is made to be thrown away...kinda shitty huh...i just wouldnt pay for a slightly better product if the end result is gonna be it only lasting one more your money so you can buy your next set of lights...little diag tip...when your having problems with lights and there are trailer lights on it 90% of the time its those lights...there all crap
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