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Shredder vs Paddlecat?

Which is better? the hyside or the airtight inflatables?
Thinking about getting one possibly and want a boat that will be the MOST durable. Will either of these to boats compare to a raft as far as durability? Talking with hyside they said that they would me a run of Paddlecats with heavier denier material if we can get 10 boats. Anybody interested? Is this needed or is the 1260 D used in the paddlecat heavy enough to survive some bony low water runs? Thanks for the input.

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Nice either way.

I love my Shredder. Now be sure to compare apples to apples the Shredder comes in two versions; the Classic and the Big Rocker. The Bog Rocker is closer to the Hyside. The Shredder is lighter, rolls up tight, trackers better than the Hyside.

The Hyside is more durable, you can feel it in the hand of the fabric. Comes in color options, nice on the sunny days. Is most likely available quickly (Airtight boats can come on river time, but winter is the best time to buy.) Turns on a dime and just like the Shredder is easy to R1.

Buy either one and you'll be stoked,

I added two large D-rings to the rear, two small to the front, and a handle on the front cross tube. Big Rocker is the better way to go IMO, but I'm jaded.
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The Shredder is way more durable. The Hyside Paddle Cat is made of their Rio Bravo material and is not their outfitter quality. It's a sweet boat, but IMHO you have to get the one, the only, the original batmobile of the river. Black Shredder.
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Eagle, Colorado
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paddlecat = 1260 denier
rio brave = 1100 denier
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If you want one with heavier material, get a loan and have them make it. You're guaranteed to sell them...quickly. Could probably easily make enough profit to pay for yours.
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I have 3 paddlecats of my own already, one I keep in New Zealand, two are in Colorado, which I loan out as my "demo" boats - I work as a river guide in Vail/Eagle part of the year [if US immigration lets me in]
And, I have 10 more ordered, which I will sell,they arrive in the country last week May/first week of June.
I was just randomly putting my 2 cents worth in about the material weight of the paddlecats. There is this ongoing debate about shredder versus paddlecat, I've owned both, sold my shredder once I'd paddled the paddlecat, prefer the paddlecat, but don't care who has what as long as they get out there. Love seeing people on the water in any of these boats, simply like my paddlecats better. I own the Hyside prototype, took me 2 years to convince Hyside to make me some, so I'm the original seller, along with Jon at TopGear [I used to manage his raft company in Ca, and convinced him to get out of his minime and into my paddlecat - he's never looked back]. I've been selling these boats for 6 years now, my original one is 8 years old, never even scratched it, and I run some pretty decent stuff. My 3 "personal" boats each have 16 "D" rings - I've rigged them for multi day trips. I'm simply a big fan of hypalon, tough, easy to repair, easy to add "D" rings. Heavier boats - for sure Hyside would make me heavier boats, but I see no need, besides it would kinda defeat the purpose of an all round great boat that is packable [it fits in a NRS portagr frame/pack]. Incidently, I've paddled the original shredder, built for Tommy Clark by Tom Love, for use as a photo boat on the Tully River in Queensland Australia - anyway, if people are looking for paddlecats, I've just put an add up on the buzz - no photos yet, as I haven't seen the boats, but Hyside tell me they are sloping the floor to assist draining and putting bigger drain holes in, other than that they should be the same
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Anniston, Alabama
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I remember seeing Shredders on the Gauley in the early 80's and have always been impressed with how they handled class 5 water,as for me buy American,and support a good Pennsylvanian,instead of Chinese labor.
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Just curious why the JPW Culebra hasn't made the convo yet. If the wife would let me have a 3rd boat, that's what I'd get.
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I own a Shredder now but paddled a paddlecat for 2 years. I was one of the shredders on Bailey during the festival. I ran Gore in it at the end of last season. I've done both shredders and paddlecats down the upper Gauley and Upper Yough back east.

Personally I own a shredder and I won't change. However if you are looking for durability, I would probably go with the Paddlecat. I've never gotten a hole in either but the shredders shed material when dragged on rocks but will not really stick to rocks the way Hypalon will. The Paddlecat wont really shed material the same way but that is partially because if you touch it to a rock it will stick and turn instead of sliding by.

If I had to pick a winner by category it would go:

Packed size: Shredder (fits in a plane carry-on)
Tracking: Shredder
Speed: Shredder (mostly because it is so lightweight)
Light Weight: Shredder
Turning speed: Shredder
Self-bailing speed: Shredder (2 big holes much faster than 3 small holes)
Comfort: Depends on paddler's size, the Paddlecat has a deeper floor which can make paddling difficult for smaller people while the floor is high in the shredder which can hurt my knees as a 6'2" guy.
Durability: Paddlecat
Cost: Paddlecat ($1600 vs $1800-$2000)
Availability: Paddlecat (had a 6 month wait on the shredder last I checked)

So it depends on what you want. Higher performance = Shredder. Value option = Paddlecat.

Good luck!
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I have a Shredder and love it. It is too hot on a summer day in the desert. I have the Rocker and it weighs about 52 pounds. I had them put on a couple extra d-rings for strapping in a cooler and I actually have a very nice frame, dry box, table and cooler set up (mostly for Class3-). The material is like a bike tube - watch out for any thorns, sharp sticks, etc. I had one of the thwarts give out and it was quickly repaired for no cost - including return shipping. I'd say: handle with care and it's a really fun boat.
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