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Interior, British Columbia
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Shortlisted IK

I've narrowed the list of candidates to two:
Aquaglide Chelan HB One; or
Innova Safari 330

If any of you have paddled either (or better yet, both) of these, is there a significant difference between the two? The Innova appears to be oriented more to whitewater, so how much will handling suffer on flatwater? Is the 6 psi floor on the Chelan highly advantageous?

My intended use is predominantly flat water and rarely class I - II rivers. I like the Innova's class III rating simply as insurance because the unexpected always happens. This is strictly for day use - no overnight trips planned.


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Paddling in to the Future
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I don't have experience with either directly. But I do have an Aquaglide Klikitat (very similar to the chelan) it's a great boat. paddles flat water just fine, and is awesome on the river. I feel like Aquaglide's boats are built better than the Innova Safari as well. The drop stitch floor is really nice.
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in terms of speed on the flatwater, as general rule, the wider the boat, the slower. also, the deeper the draft, the slower.

I have not seen an aquaglide boat. I did boat some technical III-IV with a guy in an innova once. it seemed well made and he certainly made it work.

for that price point, you could certainly find a used aire or sotar, which I would recommend if you thought more rivers were in your future.

$600 can go a lot of different ways. if you haven't seen them in your searching, a used SOAR canoe could be ideal.

At the other end, the simplest Alpacka packraft is right at that price point, and opens up a lot of new water if you are a hiker.

let us know what you settle on and how it works out!
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Enfield, New Hampshire
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Slickhorn, was that person in the older smaller Innova safari or the new larger one?
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Interior, British Columbia
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Thanks All for your responses. They are very helpful.

My options are quite limited. There are not a lot of used boats available in my corner of the world. New American boats are relatively expensive because of the unfavourable exchange rate, and now the trade war includes a hefty tariff on inflatable boats. If I'm going to pay a premium for an Aquaglide I need to be certain it is worth the expense.

Forgetting cost for the moment, are the thigh straps on the Innova of significant benefit? I'm inferring that they are recommended for use even on flat water as a means of adding more stiffness that would otherwise be provided by the Chelan's high pressure floor.
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Seattle, Washington
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It's probably been a decade since that trip, if that helps.

If an inflatable floor is of I-beam construction, you'll want to ensure you have a pressure relief valve, and generally, 2-3 PSI is max pressure.

Drop stitch floors of quality can take up to 50 psi (e.g. a SUP) and so they are generally the stiffest option. Right up there with good stiff foam, but tougher to shape.

I find a foot brace of some kind is more beneficial than thigh straps. thigh straps augment foot braces. I don't know why you'd need thigh straps on flatwater, generally they are about ww bracing. a simple inflatable thwart makes a good small adjustable foot brace.

Find a deal and get out there. Carry some tear aid tape for repairs. use the boat til it fails!
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Thigh straps are mostly for WW use. They add nothing to the structural integrity of the boat. I second looking for a used SOAR if you haven't tried that yet. If this is strictly a flat water boat, consider a folding kayak or canoe. Way lighter, better performance in flat water. I have never paddled one, but for your use it seems like the best.

I haven't paddled these but they look fantastic and review well.

The Innova products I have used have been high quality. I know they make some touring style kayaks and that is what I would look for from them. why get a WW boat if you want to paddle lakes and calm rivers?
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