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Boise, ID
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I take a Fugoo speaker on the river. We don't use it much but sometimes it's nice. In current, you can't hear it more than a couple boat lengths away at the volume we play. On a seven day trip, I probably listen to 5-6 hours. Certainly not enough to ever need a recharge for the trip. When I'm on kitchen crew, we'll play it in the kitchen. Again, you can't really hear it. If someone asks me to turn it off, I say sure thing.

I don't necessarily like when someone rolls down the corridor at 11 but it doesn't bother me that much either. It's only for a few minutes. Some people in my crew play loud music and I pull over and wet a line for a minute or two and problem solved.

I also like the silent days. But, I don't understand why people flip their switch when someone is playing music. Ask them to turn it down if you don't like it. Most people will understand and turn it off. If they don't, you're dealing with an a-hole not the music and that's a lot worse in my opinion.

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Durango, Colorado
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I'm not sure anyone here is looking to rattle the licence plate on their raft and reverberate gangster rap 4 miles down the canyon in either direction. I won't speak for the rest but my personal interest in the subject is to have Tom Petty and Johney play a mellow backdrop as I drink beer and watch the scenery float by.

My dad bought a JBL Charge 3 and brought it by tonight, it sounds amazing. My tech challenged pops was able to get it synced to his phone and playing in under 90 seconds without directions.
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GeoRon's Avatar
Golden, Colorado
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Everyone seems to be agreeing that music is a personal thing. While my personal choice on the river would be the same as when I drive through the desert; Lantz and Speer, Arkenstone, Carlos Nakai, etc.; I choose not to listen to them on the river and project my ambiance upon others. As mellow as my selection would be someone else might consider it inappropriate for the moment.

I guess it becomes tribal and to make sure you boat with people who prefer a common choice of music and river manners. If you have formed your own tribe then perhaps it becomes important to not impose your tribal customs upon other tribes. But, whatever.

Unfortunately, on the river/lake, I've been in the proximity of near license plate rattling boom boxes(most recent examples, adjacent Cottonwood Camp on Ruby Horsethief, weekends on the upper Colorado, sea kayaking on Colorado lakes). I'm sure rattling license plates is not the intent of some of the participants of this thread but just looking at these speakers makes me wonder (and they set off negative vibes in me).

Since music is a personal choice, please keep it personal and use headphones or earbuds. It seems like it should be as simple as that. If perhaps you want to share music then I'm sure it is possible to bluetooth among earbuds within perhaps a couple hundred feet; in effect, a local radio station (I must admit it would seem strange to see a tribe of people in various altered states playing air guitar, exploding grease bombs, shooting bottle rockets, howling at the moon, etc, without the accompaniment of a booming box(perhaps I associate to much with boom boxes)).

Signed, Party Pooper.

PS, I do enjoy the discussion of the engineering/electronics. One of my former lifestyles was such that I had to always be on call to support various mission critical earth science applications I wrote as an independent consultant. Hence, I had to maintain the charge in various ways on a sat phone. But my hopefully once daily calls on the GC, MF, Baja, etc were always done in a least offensive way possible.
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Boise, ID
Paddling Since: '99
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 225
Earbuds anywhere there could be a rescue situation are maybe not such a good idea.
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GeoRon's Avatar
Golden, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1974
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 218
Agreed, playing tunes in any rescue situation should not be a "conundrum". I'd hate to think in retrospect someone playing "You can't always get what you want"(Rolling Stones(love them)) as someone drowns whether through earbuds or speakers!

Please forgive me for conjuring visions of the airborne assault from "Apocalypse Now" or flaming nitro fueled overland machines from the most recent Mad Mad movie when I think of Boom Boxes. The important thing to convey is that what one person thinks is proper is not true for all people, hence, keep your tunes personal is my suggestion.

Not only that, consider the power draw difference between an earbud and the six inch magnets on the speakers included in the pictures on this thread. "Game over"! Replace that power brick 6" by 10" by 4" battery by a few double A batteries(mas-a-minus). Just saying.
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Lakewood, Colorado
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Geez... why am I not surprised there are bunch of people whining about people wanting to listen to music.

Could you guys keep you silence to yourselves please. Its really disrespectful and intrusive to my river experience. You need to respect other river runners desire to hear the music that makes them happy. You could happily bring a set of earplugs to block it out.
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Eagle Mapper's Avatar
Eagle, Colorado
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Team E-M here.

GeoRon think beyond yourself and re-read this sentence that you wrote: The important thing to convey is that what one person thinks is proper is not true for all people.

Different strokes for different folks!
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Kalispell, Montana
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Originally Posted by GeoRon View Post
Please forgive me for conjuring visions of the airborne assault from "Apocalypse Now" or flaming nitro fueled overland machines from the most recent Mad Mad movie when I think of Boom Boxes.
Ride of the Valkyries. So beautiful. All depends on context. I don't think the villagers appreciated the music.
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Henderson, Nevada
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I like to play music now and then while on the river but I keep it to the speaker on my cell phone to keep me from getting carried away. It's never very loud and I keep enough distance that other boats can't hear it. If it bothers you don't float so close. Earbuds on the river are a safety hazard, you can't hear a whistle or a call for help.

I have a suspicion it might be an age thing. I'm 37 and I enjoy music at a reasonable level while floating flat stretches. My guess is most of the folks who want silence are older than me. Let's hear some ages with your opinions to see if I'm on to something.
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Ridgway, Colorado
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Posts: 174
UE Mega Boom here. The sound is amazing low to high. Waterproof. Battery life is awesome. My only complaint is the shape; cylindrical, like it's designed to disembark the boat (apparently a "feature" for many here).
I like my life to have a soundtrack. I try to be respectful of others who don't feel the same way or have some delusional opinion that my music is not the BEST.
I'm constantly asking; how close to me before you hear my music? Is my music annoying you? Whenever I come across another group, I'll turn it down to barely audible levels. I do also like to crank it up in certain little overhangs or alcoves to experience the unique acoustics.
What I don't understand are the folks taking a hardline stance opposing music on the river. My tribe is cool with the music and would certainly let me know if they we're not. If i'm passing your camp on the river and and don't see you in time to turn it down; I'll turn it down when I do, say hello, and turn it back up when I'm out of earshot. Sorry for ruining your idillic river experience for 2.18min.
Here in CO weed is legal, you should try it and "lighten up Francis". If you get the quote, you'll know that I'm damn near 50.
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